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Monday 01/04/2010 10:32:23pm
Name: Pat & Alice
Homepage Title: Gino Vannelli tour data and information.
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Location: Seattle, WA

Dear Barrend & Trees,
Hope your holidays were wonderful.
We recieved our copies of "Stardust in the Sand" on Christmas Eve day, what a gift!
With the book, 2 CD's, and the 5 concerts we were able to see......
2009 was a very good year!
Thank you Gino!!!!!
We are hoping that our New Year will be filled with more Gino experiences and that he will continue to share his brilliant talents with the world.
Happy New Year to all Gino fans everywere!
Pat & Alice

Gino Vannelli stuff!
A reply to Pat and Alice in Seattle, WA, USA dated Thursday 14 January 2010: Good morning Pat & Alice, Yes our Holidays were wonderful for sure! Thanks for your happy message about Gino Vannelli's life's work. Glad you enjoyed the good things of 2009. So "Stardust in the Sand" arrived in Seattle too! Wow!!! Of course we wish you and your Family a very happy new year too with many Gino Vannelli things to enjoy in good health for many, many, many years to come!!! Thanks again for writing and we hope we can keep up in 2010. March is coming up soon and there is a very big chance that Gino will perform in Milano the end of February 2010, 3 nights in a row in Milano, Italy! More news will follow soon...
Greetings from Holland, B&T... who listen to KEEP ON WALKING at the moment.

Tuesday 12/15/2009 12:49:23am
Name: Monique Eerhardt
Homepage Title: Gino Vannelli in Meppel, Holland.
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Location: Leeuwarden

Nederlands/Dutch: Hallo Barend en Trees,

De concerten in Leeuwarden en Meppel waren Super.
In Leeuwarden was ik met Margot, mijn zus uit Amersfoort. Heel jammer dat het niet uitverkocht was, maar het voelde op deze manier wel als een prive concert. Eerste helft zaten we in rij 5, de tweede zijn we lekker vooraan gaan zitten, Super!!! We waren zo onder de indruk. Bij de meet & greet wilde we met Gino op de foto, maar zaten op de bekende roze wolk, dat we het niet hebben gedaan...hahaha..
We hebben tot diep in de nacht naar zijn muziek geluisterd en websites bekeken.
Dinsdag 1 december ben ik in Meppel geweest met een vriend die ook ontroerd was door Gino's mooie stem.
Die heeft al 30 jaar zijn muziek en was ook zeer geraakt.
In Meppel vroor het die avond en we liepen met zijn CD onder de arm wat rond en hebben meer dan een half uur naar onze auto gezocht:)
De kaarten voor Zoetermeer zijn inmiddels gekocht, dan ga ik met 4 zussen en m'n broer. Wij verheugen ons er nu al op, ben de dagen aan het aftellen!
Groetjes en misschien tot dan!

Monique Eerhardt

English/Engels: Hello Barend and Trees,
The concerts in Leeuwarden and Meppel were Super GOOD.
In Leeuwarden I was with Margot, my Sister from Amersfoort. Such a big pity it was not sold-out, but in a way it felt like a private concert! GREAT! The first part we had seats on the 5th row, and the second part we took seats on the front row, lovely! Super!!! We were so impressed. And at the meet and greet we wanted to go on the pictures with Gino, but we were in heaven as you all will know after a Gino Vannelli concert, in Holland we say on a pink cloud, so we did not go to Gino for pictures...hahaha...

We listened to his music untill very late into that night and we visited web sites.

Tuesday the first of December I went to Meppel with a friend who also was touched by Gino's beautiful voice! This person owns Gino's music already for more than 30 years and was touched deeply.
It was freezing cold in Meppel that special evening and we walked around with Gino's new cd in our hands and we could not find our car! We searched for more than 30 minutes:)

We already bought the tickets for Zoetermeer and than I go with 4 of my Sisters and my Brother. We are so looking forward to this event and I'm counting down the days!
Greetings and maybe till than in Zoetermeer!

Monique Eerhardt

Gino Vannelli stuff! A reply to Monique in Leeuwarden dated Sunday 3 January 2010: Hi Monique! We can only say 3 things:

- Happy New Year to you and to your whole Family and Friends! And thanks for your great support to Gino Vannelli's life's work!

- Thanks for your great review, we copied and pasted it to our GINO VANNELLI in Meppel web page... But on our GINO VANNELLI Leeuwarden web page are words written by you too...

- See you in Zoetermeer on Thursday 11 March 2010 at this great GINO VANNELLI concert with the Dutch Band. Something different compared to the Duo-concerts but both beautiful events in each special way! But we do not have to tell you this.

Thanks again and the very best wishes for 2010, Warm regards from Barend and Trees.

Do not forget to follow our Gino Vannelli tour data and information web page.

Tuesday 12/15/2009 12:19:19am
Name: mark
Homepage Title: you make us italians proud
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Referred By: Friend
Location: new city

You make us Italian's proud. We love you.

A reply to Mark or Tom or who-ever in New City (nice joke!) dated Sunday 3 January 2010: Hello Mark, Tom or to whom reads this message! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!! May you spread all your funny jokes around this world so people can laugh, laugh is the best medicine ever to feel good! Thanks!!!

But you wrote the best short-liner ever! And we cannot agree more with you or you two! Gino Vannelli makes the Dutch feel proud too and we bet the Canadian and the American people and the Mexican and the French and the German and the English.... The whole world who loves good music!
B&T greet you all and wish you the best in life!

Monday 12/14/2009 1:22:23am
Name: Randy Reyes
E-Mail: Randy Reyes
Homepage Title: Gino Vannelli in Meppel, Holland.
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Location: Malibu, CA

Hi Barend & Trees,

It appears Gino is moving fast forward with his music & poetry! We were with Gino in Cancu, Mexico this past summer as he performed for 15,000 fans on a very hot and humid day! Gino was most pleased with the turnout! We are awaiting Gino's return to LA to perform perhaps again with brothers Joe & Ross!

- Randy Reyes
Malibu, CA

A reply to Randy Reyes in Malibu, California, USA dated Sunday 3 January 2010: Hello Randy, it's difficult to type 2010 because automatically we still type 2009, anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and to your Family and we hope your musical dreams come true.

Thanks for writing in our Gino Vannelli guestbook and we hope you visit some of our Gino Vannelli web pages... We have a Mexico 2009 web page too! How great that you could be there in between all those 15,000 music-lovers! You made a great journey to Mexico and to great music!

We hope you could listen to THE BEST AND BEYOND cd to all the 13 re-recored Gino Vannelli songs with the WestCoast Band and Ross Vannelli is a great help to Gino, maybe you saw Ross doing the sound in Mexico?

Have a great new year and you have beautiful memories to think about and we can recommend Gino's new book: "Stardust in the Sand" with great memories from Gino Vannelli Himself. ENJOY!
Greetings from Holland, Barend and Trees.

Saturday 12/12/2009 3:39:02am
Homepage Title: SofiaEinecke's Channel You tube
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Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

HELLO! I love Gino Vanneli's performance and his beautiful voice!

A reply to Sofia in Sao Paulo in Brazil dated Sunday 3 January 2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR SOFIA! All the good wishes for you in Brazil! Thanks for your line and we totally agree with you! We just had 8 super beautiful Gino Vannelli duo-concerts and we are still in music-heaven. Now at home we listen to Gino's new cd "the best and beyond" and we still cannot get enough of it... Sooooooo very beautiful!!!
thanks again for writing and we hope you are safe and well in Brazil.
Bye... bye... from Barend and Trees in Holland, the Netherlands.

Friday 12/11/2009 9:59:31pm
Name: anonymous (don't start that again...)
Homepage Title: Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!!
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Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Frozen to the Mailbox

Wooo hooooo!!! No waiting for Christmas this year, ordered Gino's memoir and cd yesterday. Easier this time around. I almost hope it doesn't come until Christmas or I won't get anything done...

A reply to Anonymous who starts again! in the United States of America dated 1 January 2010!!! Yes 2010!!!: Happy New Year to Anonymous and the Family of Anonymous, may all your good dreams come true and tons of good health to you all!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Please tell us when you finished reading STARDUST IN THE SAND your honest opinion....
ENJOY it!!! It's amazing how fast you received your Gino Vannelli book!

Thanks and have a good New Years Day, greetings from Holland, Barend and Trees who listen to
Gino Vannelli's WILD HORSES...

Friday 12/11/2009 7:56:11pm
Name: Pat & Alice
Homepage Title: Gino Vannelli 2009 Fall tour Holland
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Location: Seattle,WA USA

Hi Barrend & Trees,
We are sad for you that all your concerts with Gino are over, but envious of all the beautiful music you enjoyed. We think your time with the Vannelli's must have been fantastic, and hope Gino and Tricia were able to relax some.
We just ordered "Stardust in the Sand" this morning, as soon as I saw the inormation you posted, We can't wait! I ordered more than one as Christmas gifts, but even if they're late, they are worth the wait!
Gino's tour was a great start to your holidays and we hope the rest will be just as nice. Thank you again for the time and effort you put into this website, there is no place else to get this kind of info.
Looking forward to what Gino will be up to in 2010. You know we will be at every preformance that we can!
Happy Holidays,
Pat & Alice

A reply to Pat & Alice in Seattle, WA, USA dated Sunday 27 December 2009: Hi Pat & Alice, we just saw a picture of you inside our incoming
e-mails, wow!!! We have to do still things with the Niagara Falls web page but we also had to make web pages for the 8 duo-concerts in Holland, so it's very chaotic inside our GINO VANNELLI HOBBY and inside our brains hahahaha...

Sorry but we are going to work on that Niagara Falls web page for sure and put your smiling faces on it... We know that smile after a GINO VANNELLI concert!!! GREAT!!!

Yes you should be envious because the duo-concerts are so beautiful and also swinging in a jazzy way! Maybe you will get the chance to go to a duo-concert one day... We hope it for you.

Thanks again for writing and for all your great support and we hope you love Gino Vannelli's book, we are sure you will love it. The music, the words and the pictures...
Happy Holidays to you all! And Seattle must be so beautiful in Christmas time.
Love, Barend and Trees who listen to THE SUREST THINGS CAN CAN CHANGE......

Friday 12/11/2009 6:57:12pm
Name: Sofia Einecke Michelin
Homepage Title: sofiaeinecke%22s Channel you tube
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Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil, ,

I hope a Gino Vanelli's Concert here in Brazil at sao Paulo. His voice is perfect, wonderful and I'll like know him.Please!!!!

A reply to Sofia Einecke Michelin in Sao Paulo, Brazil dated Sunday 27 December 2009: Hello Sofia, thanks again for writing, we hope the promotors book Gino Vannelli for Brazil so you can see and hear Gino Vannelli live on stage one day. So spread Gino Vannelli's music in Brazil and who knows what happens.
Thanks for your support, always appreciated even when you live so far away. Music has no borders!

A good, happy, lucky, musical, healthy, fun, bright and peaceful New Year to you and to your Family and keep on enjoying and liking GINO VANNELLI and His life's work!
Barend and Trees greet you and your Family and we agree with the things you wrote about Gino Vannelli.

Thursday 12/10/2009 3:53:21am
Name: Trrish
E-Mail: Rtrish67@Yahoo,com
Homepage Title: Stardust in The Sand
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: ???

Dear Barend and Trees, Hello and Merry Christnas to you both, I am impatiently waiting for the book to be on sale in this country, If the poems in A Good Thing are anything to go by it will be spectacular ' I can hardly wait, a long time fan and i visit yourwebsite often for all the Gino Vannelli newsThanks and May God Bless you both

A reply to Trish in ??? Sunday 27 December 2009: Hi Trish, thanks for writing and God bless you too! Gino Vannelli's book is so great and funny and the book itself is a work of art and with the cd inside is just fantastic. the whole thing is a must have to own and put it somewhere in your home so you can look at it as a piece of art. The whole idea of a book with a cd inside is brilliant... But we knew that already that Gino's brains and creative mind work very well together and gives us His art to enjoy!

We do not know in what country you life but it is very easy to order in Italy. There are already Gino Vannelli fans in the United States who ordered the book and already received it. We in the Netherlands did not yet receive it!!! Imagine!!!

Anyways if you need help, tell us.
Thanks again for your kind words and we hope you had a merry Christmas too with your Family. Overhere we have the third Christmas Day but tomorrow Christmas is really over for 2009. A happy and very good 2010 with lots of good health to you and to your Family.
Barend and Trees who listen to Crazy Life right now...

Monday 12/07/2009 6:57:33pm
Name: Terry & Ken Scelfo
Homepage Title: Sinterklaas in Holland
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: USA

Happy Sinterklaas to Gino, Trees & Barend and all the Fans in Holland!
Sinterklaas, Christmas and every other holiday came early this year, thank you Gino! Gino's never-ending, passion, commitment and hard work has brought us concerts, two albums, a book of poetry and now his memoirs! Gino's fans have been very fortunate this year. Thanks to Bert and all the musicians in the U.S. and Holland who bring Gino's vision alive. And last but most importantly, to Trees and Barend for all your sacrifice of time and of yourselves and making sure that Gino is still assessable to everyone on the entire planet!!!

A reply to Terry and Ken dated Second Christmas Day 26 December 2009: Hellooooooo Terry & Ken, thanks for your good Sinterklaas wishes and in the meantime 2009 Christmas is almost gone too, it's now the end of our second Christmas Day. We super enjoyed our Gino music and we played: BIG DREAMERS NEVER SLEEP, CANTO and CRAZY LIFE many times today, we sang along and danced and deeply enjoyed this funny mix of Gino Vannelli music!

Again we had to blush when we read your sweet words. Thanks from our hearts and also in 2010 we keep on doing our GINO VANNELLI hobby and as long as we can type. We absolutely do not care what other people think or say because there are always people like you two who appreciate and understand our GINO VANNELLI hobby! By the way You TWO are rare exceptional nice people!!!

We hope you had a nice Christmas and that Gino was not that naughty... Please give Him a chuck under the chin!
Love, Barend and Trees.

8 December 2009


8 December 2009

Mondadori Multicenter Piazza duomo 1 Milano
(it is in the very center of Milan, close to the Duomo).
5.30pm (17.30)

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The official release date of Gino Vannelli's new book is 8 December 2009 in Milano, Italy. There will be a live performance by GINO VANNELLI and

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