Gino Vannelli project Alan Jones

*** The Alan Jones Sextet ***
Alan Jones : Drums
Randy Porter : Piano
John Gross : tenor saxophone
Tom Wakeling/Paul Imm : acoustic bass
Warren Rand : alto saxophone
Paul Mazzio : trumpet & flugelhorn

2 cd's produced by : *** GINO VANNELLI *** : ...

We see well known names like GINO VANNELLI ofcourse and
Engineer Doug Durbrow, INKA Studios.....

We ordered the 2 Alan Jones cd's and we will let
you know more when we receive these 2 cd's produced

Yes Friday 26 October 2001 we received the 2 CD's : UNSAFE and
THE LEROYS VINNEGAR SUITE by the Alan Jones Sextet, both cd's produced by GINO VANNELLI ..... We love the design of the UNSAFE
cd-cover, we do not really know the right English word for this kind of cover.......... but see the pictures above. UNSAFE came in a sealed bag like a laboratorium bag with two unsafe stickers, we had to break to bag open and put the stickers on the cd-box......... FANTASTIC DESIGN and the MUSIC, yeah real quality jazz which swings with beautiful piano and drums sounds and also very heavy jazz for our ears but hey we are no experts we only listen and enjoy the music and we hear again that the Musicians play with their hearts and you can feel their love for playing music ............ And the sounds are superb ofcourse also out of our simple stereo equipment......we can smell and feel the joy GINO VANNELLI must have had producing these 2 cd's with this quality music !!!!! A REAL MUST FOR ANY JAZZ LOVER ON THIS PLANET and ANY MUSIC LOVER IN THIS WORLD.......

Go to the Alan Jones website click on the "contact" button and order the CD's or write an e-mail you will get the help to order the cd's you want. We got help too !! Barend and Trees in Holland.

An e-mail from Alan Jones : hi barend and trees in holland guys, it's nice that you are interested in my music. the 2 cd's that gino has produced are "UNSAFE" (alan jones sextet) and "THE LEROY VINNEGAR SUITE" (alan jones sextet) they are available through my website or through burnside distribution tel. 1.503/231.0876 it's fine by me if you mention the cd's on your website or write an article for your newspaper. if there is some information i can give you, or any other way i can help just let me know. and yes, it's ok to make a link to my website...thank you for asking. it sounds like a very good thing that you're doing, spreading information and knowlege about gino. i wish you lots of luck and hope to meet you in person next time i play in holland. please let me know how your work is going, and i look forward to talking with you again soon. warmest regards, alan jones
9 September 2001.


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