Gino/Bert duo-concert page 12

The Fall of November & December 2009 GINO VANNELLI
& Bert van den Brink DUO-concerts theater tour:
26 November in Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands:

Radiostation Friesland / Fryslân interview:

Interview & live performance in the studio:

Gino Vannelli performed live in the studio "None So Beautiful As The Brave" from His YONDER TREE album, for the radio program Noardewyn, only Gino Vannelli and the grand-piano... Super top performance and later that evening people in the meet & greet told Gino that they heard this performance on the radio and they could not believe it was live. But it really was! The editors were there at that beautiful moment! It was on a Thursday afternoon around 2pm at the Omroep Fryslân building in Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands.

Here is the interview, it plays through the RealPlayer and Windows MediaPlayer... Willem de Vries of radio Noardewyn starts the interview with GINO VANNELLI at 17:12 and around 25:00 Gino starts singing "None So Beautiful As the Brave..." live in in the Radio Noardewyn studio. Only GINO VANNELLI and a black grand-piano... After this live performance the interview goes on up to 35:10...

omrop Fryslan / Noardewyn

This is an automatic slideshow with 33 pictures in random order from the Omroep Fryslân afternoon in Leeuwarden. Gino Vannelli sang "None So Beautiful As The Brave" live in the studio and after that Gino did an interview... Here are the pictures... You can pause the slideshow by holding your mouse-arrow on a picture. It starts again when you get your mouse-arrow off. ENJOY!!

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8 December 2009 a great day for
Gino Vannelli's life's work:
The release of His book
"Stardust in the Sand"
A memoir and Music!!!