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L A S.. V E G A S

23 - 24 - 25 March 2007 with the Portland Band:

Rheinhardt Melz - Drums

Randy Porter - Piano

Sandin Wilson - Bass

Allen Hinds - Guitar

Gino Vannelli and Barry Manilow

THE VERY FIRST E-MAIL WHICH WE RECEIVED ON Sunday afternoon 25 March 2007 (Holland time!) from Gino Vannelli's Manager DJ with the subject: Sold out shows!!!!!!

This has been an incredible two days.
Sold out shows and audience reception and excitement beyond belief.
Gino's performances are over the top...Every hotel in town will be bidding to host his return.

Your name is always mentioned by the wonderful people who love and respect this incredible artist. Will update you on many shows we have going throughout the world next week. Thanks for your unreal support. These shows were the fastest sellout in the history of the hotel. Thanks again. DJ

(2): An e-mail from Cynthia directly from Las Vegas dated Sunday 25 March 2007 with the subject: A bid for Gino Vannelli auction numbers 60 and 61...

so when he's not in a good mood he doesn't sign as nicely, eh?

going to see him for the third night in vegas....
last night he threw the fans into a FRENZY!

I'd like to bid $10USD for item 60 AND $10USD for item 61....

(3): Another e-mail from Cynthia dated Sunday afternoon 25 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas: GINO VANNELLI

oh, the thing i showed said $5USD....i apologize...
going to see him tonight...yummy!
FRENZY is awesome..think BEATLES! Cynthia

(4): An e-mail from Cheryl and her Daughter dated the very early Monday morning of the 26th of March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas

It is 10 p.m. California time, and my daughter and I just returned from Las Vegas after seeing Gino perform live Friday nite.

Even though it is late and I am so tired from driving endless hours in traffic, I had to get this email off to you and let you know what an awesome time we had. Gino was incredible!

No words can describe seeing Gino in concert. It's one thing to hear his voice on a CD, but hearing him live is beyond anything imaginable for a true fan. After the show, he came out and signed autographs and spoke to his fans. Having been a fan since the '70's, needless to say, my dream was that I hoped someday to meet Gino in person. My dream came true Friday nite. I cannot thank Gino enough for sharing his music with us. I only hope he will continue for many years to come! Cheryl I. Anaheim Hills, CA. USA

(5): More words in an e-mail from Cynthia dated Monday 26 March 2007 with the subject: Third concert Gino Vannelli in Las Vegas

Wow. Amazing. Best one yet. And I was able to see and talk to Gino all three nights after the show.

Everyone associated with Gino was incredibly classy and kind to his fans. They mentioned they were heading off to South Africa next, and after the shows Gino gives, you would expect him to be exhausted, but there he was subjecting himself to his frenzied fans after the third night of EXCELLENT shows. Nearly everyone that attended showed up with albums or memorabilia, and he was kind enough to greet with tenderness and sign the item. I'm still taking it all in. I have wonderful pictures too. I hope this HIGH doesn't have to hold me for another 28 years!

It's clear his music has kept Gino fulfilled and happy, (along with his family) and the power and majesty that he communicates from stage was palpable. The crowd on the third night was a bit more restrained than Saturday, but when I headed towards the stage for the encore performance, the crowd surged behind me. I know Gino gets this kind of reception no matter where he performs in the world, but Vegas sincerely appreciates this musical genius and down to earth man.

he was amazing! i know he gets this kind of reception in europe all the time but we las vegans were so greatful to see him after a 28 year wait.....every fan was literally begging him to come back...

I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I have been excited to see him for so long and now I am just sad its over. But the songs keep reverberating in my head. Would love to keep up the chat with you two though. How long have you been fans? What is your name and where do you two live? Oh wow! So you are from the Netherlands! Wonderful. I don't have any idea about the Netherlands but something tells me if you are there, and Gino loves it that much, it must be a wonderful secret. When was the last time you connected with Gino? Cynthia

(6): Another e-mail from Cheryl and her Daughter dated Monday 26 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas

Actually, the thanks goes to you for hosting this website!
I wish there was more that we can do to promote Gino to more of the younger generation who are not aware of who he is. Fortunately, both my daughters were brought up listening to Gino since I have been following him for over 30 years. But alot of the kids their age, (16 & 21) have no clue who he is. His son was at the concert in Vegas, as was Ross and Anton. Any news about Joe?

Here is a picture from my cell phone camera for you. Gino Vannelli and the Portland Band live on stage  in Las Vegas, NV, USA 23 March 2007 Again, many thanks. Regards, Cheryl

(7): An e-mail from KC in Washington, USA dated Monday 26 March 2007 with the subject: It went very well.

I thought of you so many times this weekend and wished you could have been in Las Vegas.
It went very well. The room seats 500 people. Friday night was SO good. When Gino sang "Canto" the audience didn't make a sound. It seemed almost shocking to them. I just don't understand how he can perform with all that heart and energy.

Many people returned for the Saturday show which was even better than the Friday show (which didn't seem possible). The musicians performed so well and the audience was great, too. There were people who came from out of the country -- Mexico and Denmark and possibly other places. They were on their feet applauding and whistling. Ross Vannelli worked so hard on this.

I left yesterday so did not see the third show. Anton Vannelli seems to have a deep appreciation of his father's talent. KC

(8): An e-mail from Cyndi in the USA dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: Vegas

Vegas and Gino; the talk of the city..........
From the moment I arrived on Saturday afternoon
Gino's Friday performance was the topic of conversation!!
I couldn't wait to hear the new addition Appaloosa, one of my favorites and I was so excited knowing Ross Vannelli was there with Nick for the sound. Prior to the show I saw the Vannelli family from Montreal. They are always so kind and gracious, not only towards me but other fans as well. Uncle Vic was overwhelmed with excitement telling me about all the V.I.P.'s from other clubs in Vegas who were there for Gino. He was grinning from ear to ear. Mrs. Vannelli made me laugh whenever she told me she could only get in to hear a few songs on Friday because she and her friend arrived late and the show was sold out!!! There wasn't anywhere for her to sit!!

For me it gets harder to explain my feelings about the shows. Each song that Gino and band play speaks differently to my heart. Some songs may be the same but I hear them as a new creation/rendition. The room was obviously filled with long time Gino fans that craved to hear their favorites. Whenever the band started playing Nightwalker and then went into Appaloosa, I literally let out a scream!! I new it was part of the song list but it still took me by surprise. Sandin's wife who was sitting in front of me turned, smiled at me and grabbed my hand. She knew I was overwhelmed and I was!! After all, I haven't heard the song live since 1979 and it was quite a resurrection from the catalog of my favorite Gino songs. Gino received an grand ovation. I'm elated to see and hear how other people react so the encore at the end spoke for itself.

Sunday's performance was the ultimate night. Gino couldn't have sung any better and the band and sound were tops. Gino's voice was simply amazing; he sang with so much passion and emotion. The room was almost silent when he sang Canto and my eyes were swelled with tears.

After the show Gino was swamped by his fans wanting pictures and autographs. I honestly was shocked that he stayed as long as he did to greet everyone. After an exhausting show he took more time for "us". As if the show wasn't enough. He didn't sign anything on Saturday so some of the fans came back hoping to get pictures, albums, cd's signed. There were also quite a few musicians there to hear Gino Sunday evening because they worked on the weekends and couldn't be there. Someone said to me, "what they loved about Gino was he never sold out, he stayed true to himself". I can't thank you enough Gino......there's never enough time after the shows for the right words so as the saying goes, actions speak louder. Until next time, be safe and God bless you Gino, greater things are ahead!! You deserve the best, always.

Patti took the best pictures which you will soon receive. We didn't get to have a group picture with Gino but here a few of us fans! Cyndi

(9): An e-mail from Robert and His Twin-Brother in the USA dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: Vegas

Dear Barend&Trees,
I can't tell you what an unbelievable time we had in Vegas.
As you can see my wish finally of getting to meet Gino came true. I ended up getting to shake his hand 3 times. We got to meet Ross and everyone in the band except for Reinhardt. Saturday night my seat was right next his family! What truely down to earth nice people.

Last night very late we were on the slots and DJ, Gino's manager sat down next to us and we talked for about 30min. What a nice man!! Then this morning I got to sit down and talk to Allen for almost a half hour, being a guitarist we had so much in common!! Then I saw DJ again and he said he liked us so much he wanted to keep in touch, so he gave me his card and told me to send him an email. And then I got to talk to Sandin again, WOW, what an incredible weekend!! Any way it really was the best weekend I can remember! Wish you coud've been there, that would have topped it off. Any way keep the good work. Robert. Photo 1 and photo 2

(10): An e-mail from SANDIN WILSON, the Bass-Player in Gino Vannelli's Portland Band who lives in Portland, Oregon, USA dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: Gino in Las Vegas

Hey you two,
I think we did a smashing job here in Las Vegas. There were many agents,Musicians, managers, and scouts from the big casinos here and the word is Gino and his band are H O T Hot!!!!! People traveled from across the US to these shows. the Gino fans are awesome, and love him so much.

Gino even spent time with Barry Manilow after the 3 rd show and hung out with Barry and his band,(Who I guess are huge Gino Fans) who knew!!

All in all.......sold out all shows in record time,.... lots of great press, lots of pictures and Gino's career is reaching another new height as we go into 2007... lots of possibilities as far as places to play, TV shows to be on, and far away places to travel too including, Cape Town, South Africa day after tomorrow.

Everything is going very well, and Gino seems very happy with the way Las Vegas went.. People were blown away with our version of Appaloosa, and Ginos heartfelt and beautifully delivered, Canto......

He is such a great singer and a beautiful person to work with......It is all............ soooooooo good.. Gino fans should be very proud and there are wonderful things coming up......SHHHHHHHHH it is a secret. Just wanted you to know. I will send pictures as soon as I can, I have to work at the hospital Tuesday, and right now , I am beat......ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

All my best to you both Barend and Trees...
Sandin Wilson

(11): An e-mail from Mark and Sherry S. in Iowa, USA dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: Gino's Vegas Show

Hello to all,
Just got back to the little town of Waterloo, Iowa from Las Vegas where we were treated to not one but two fantastic shows inside the Suncoast Casino. Although i had never seen Gino and his band in concert, I came away from the shows thinking that both he and his band were very humble and outgoing.

I have waited since i was 14 to see him in concert. I am 43 now. My wife was born in 73 so now i have two prized possessions from 1973. I did manage to wait at the end of Sunday night's show and get to meet him and get a picture and an autograph on the Crazy Life album that i had carefully carried on the airplane both two and from home. One of my goals was to see him before i died and well I could die a happy man tomorrow if i hadn't made another goal to see him again. I sincerly hope he makes it out to Chicago sometime real soon. I have worked in radio for some 15 to 20 years and always looked forward to playing his records on the air. Overall a very good weekend, One of which i will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks Gino! Your the Best!
Mark and Sherry Schumacher Waterloo, Iowa

(12): An e-mail from Maru in Mexico dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

My dear friends:
Now I can breathe again. Can you imagine what I felt when I tried to transfer all the pictures to the computer and there was a message in the camera and I could do nothing!!! Thank God I found a computer expert and he could recover them all, but in the meantime I was completely dissapointed, frustrated, sad and angry! But now I'm OK, with my spirit full of joy, I still can´t believe the days we lived in Las Vegas!!!!!!!!

We met with Christie, a sweet lady who kindly e-mailed me two days before our trip, to find each other after the concert, she's so nice, we were talking for hours. We arrived on thursday 22 and I just couldn't sleep, I was so excited!!! Time seemed to pass by SOOOOOOOOOOOO slowly.

But finally we arrived to the Suncoast, picked up the tickets and started real fun. Few minutes after we arrived, I saw Ross and I told him that we were there just for the concerts and he was so touched, he's such a kind man!!!!!!!

Suddenly the lights turned off, music started and all the audience gave a big applause when Gino appeared, by that moment my knees were shaking and there are no words enough to describe how I was feeling, my eyes, ears and heart couldn't believe I was there, and some tears rolled down on my face, I felt SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

The concerts were absolutely spectacular, Gino's voice is glorious!!!!!! and what a musicians!!!!!! The whole package is just PERFECT. I don't know for how long I will have this very happy smile on my face. I could not ask for more. My husband and I met very nice people, we got e-mails, my husband took me pictures with Ross, Patricia, Anton, Randy, Sandin, MaryLou, and Christie. After the first concert we were on line to have a picture with Gino and an autograph too. You won't believe what I did, I got close for the picture and autograph, I told Gino we flew from Mexico just for his concerts and I had a strong impulse and kissed him on his cheek. He was shocked, he didn't expect it, and I didn't either!!!!!!!!! but I would be lying if I told you that I regret, it was an impulse, the adrenaline in my body was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HIGH, I couldn't help it. Then I sat at the table just behind he was signing and I stood there, watching him until he left the showroom.

I can't believe in what a good shape Gino is, and his voice is getting better and better as time goes by!!!! It's amazing the power of his voice and all the musicians are truely profesionals, and so kind. Mrs Vannelli is a beautiful and lovely lady, his son, a handsome, very kind and tall young man. I was completelly shocked in a good way with all the moments I was living. You were in my mind during the trip. Every people I talked to, were there because of your site. Do you see? What a BIG influence you are in other's lives? That's why lots of us feel what we feel for you!!!!!!! We left the Suncoast in a shuttle and we were talking and sharing pictures with a very kind couple from Orlando, Sheri and Patrick.

The second day, I wore my INCONSOLABLE MAN TOUR black t-shirt, we were in line to take the shuttle from "The strip" to the Suncoast and suddenly a man approached to me and asked if I was going to the concert, I said yes, I was at last night's and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He told me, I'm going too. I'm the pianist. RANDY!!!!!!!!!! I said and we started talking, then Sandin arrived with his wife (a beautifull lady, and I mean outside and inside), and other fans too, and Gino's uncle and his wife and we were all at the same bus. I thought Oh my God, what have I done to deserve all these wonderful things I couldn't ever imagined!!!!!!!!!! I felt I was in heaven!!!!!!! Randy told us his mom is mexican, from Guadalajara, and we could speak in English and Spanish. My husband was so happy too, not just because I felt like flying, but to know how nice persons they are. Randy asked us if we knew Gonzalo Curiel, we answered YES of course, he was a great composer in the 40's or 50's I think, he wrote several famous songs, albums with his compositions are still on sale in Mexico. And he told us he's my ancestor, can you believe it? There's mexican blood in his veins! he's so kind!!!

We were talking to him for a while and then MaryLou arrived and asked my husband Are you Manu? I said it's Maru, it's me, and we were talking, Julie joined us and Christie was there too, and Gino, Barend and Trees were the center of the conversation. So you were not just in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!

Some other fans asked for my t-shirt, they really liked it!!!!!!! And I felt so proud in it!!!!!!!!!! Don't you think I'm a blessed woman? I don't know what happened but there was no photos or autographs after the second show, I felt sorry for the people who didn't have the chance of a picture and shake hands with Gino. Randy told us this was the first time they performed the version of Appaloosa we heard and it was out of this world, as all the arrangements of the songs, they sounded WONDERULlL!!! I just loved all those moments and they will keep me happy for a long time. Thank you for being there!!!! Love and kisses from your still smiling friend in Mexico.
PS Tomorrow I'll send you the pictures.

(13): An e-mail from Beth in the USA dated Tuesday 27 March 2007 with the subject: Gino in Vegas

Dear Barend and Trees,
I just found your website and had to write.
We just got back from Vegas last night after seeing Gino's show Saturday. What an amazing performance! I had not seen Gino live since 1999 in Palm Beach Florida. It was a wonderful setting and we were lucky enough to be in the first row of tables.

Every song was a gem that evoked different memories in my mind. By the encore performance everyone was on their feet dancing to People Gotta Move. You could feel the love in the room from AND to Gino. His voice was absolutely beautiful and the band was incredible! It is a night I will always remember. Thank you for your website and providing a forum for all the Gino fans around the world! Beth

(14): An e-mail + 2 pictures from Ashley in the USA dated Wednesday 28 March 2007 with the subject: GINO VANNELLI

Dear Barend and Trees,
Here you go.........the shows were fabulous.
I am sure you have already heard.
Practically the whole family was there and we got to meet Mom, Anton, Ross, and of course Gino.

Attaching some photos.........there are far too many to send. Hope you enjoy and we're still watching for Copenhagen. I asked Ross and he still is not sure about the date.
Ashley. PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2...

(15): Another e-mail from Maru in Mexico dated Friday 30 March 2007 with the subject: Some images

My dear friends:

In our hotel room, there was a magazine named "Today in Las Vegas" and immediatelly checked if there was something about Gino's concerts, and YESSSSSSS you'll see what was there.

The others are the concert tickets ONE WITH GINO'S AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a paper tablemat I got from one of the Suncoast's restaurant where Christie, my husband and I ate on saturday.

Please beg Gino for a DVD of this GORGEOUS AND UNBELIEVABLE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you have dozens of e-mails waiting to be posted in your site, what a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG job, but I'm sure you enjoy it like crazy. Love and kisses from your thankful friend in Mexico.

(16): A third enthusiastic e-mail from Maru in Mexico dated Friday 30 March 2007 with the subject: STILL IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!

Hi dear friends!
You won't believe what I've found out. My parents went to a wedding last weekend and were talking with a cousin of mine and his wife, and when my dad told them where we were and what we were doing, he said OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? Jenny and I fell in love with his music and we are Gino's fans since 70's, how lucky Maru is!!!!!!! So I called them tonight and gave them the info to visit your website and where to buy Gino's records and they said : We think we're not going to sleep tonight!!!!!!! We'll visit the site right now. He thanked lots of times for calling them and we'll see each other soon to share the experience, they listened to the whole story very interested and I felt a HUGE happiness to spread your seed in other Gino's fans. You're JUST GREAT!!!!! I have some other material to send you besides the photos, please you'll have to be patient because my knowledge of computer, internet and all this stuff is limited and I need help for some things, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you we had pictures with Allen too. Well we'll keep in touch!!!!! Love and kisses. Maru.

(17): An e-mail from Tom L. in Arizona, USA dated Wednesday 28 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas show on Sunday night!

Hello all,
I have to start by saying the show Sunday night was fantastic! Gino sounded wonderful, in great form, and I think better then ever! I am amazed that of the three times I have seen Gino live, he somehow finds the greatest musicians on the planet and out does his last band, I don’t know, but they were awesome. The drummer, where does Gino get these drummers?!! Fantastic!

The 2nd thing I wanted to share is that many years ago I had a dream that one day I would be able see Gino live with my own kids. Well, my two teenage daughters and I drove from Phoenix this past weekend to see Gino!! Yes!! I was so happy to be able to bring my girls to see what musicianship is all about! The best part is that they actually loved it, especially my youngest daughter who is 15. She loves Venus Envy and was so excited when Gino sang that! We met some very nice, very cool fans their as well, people who also came from out of state.

The legs and beautiful shoes of Tom and his 2 Daughters and GINO VANNELLI!!! A sad but also a picture  with humour. Also an Example  of  a lost dream of having a picture with your Daughters and GINO VANNELLI  and than you see this!!! Now here is the bad part of the whole experience, and I have to say I was devastated. The other part of this dream I had of taking my girls to a Gino concert was that we would get a chance to meet him and get a picture of us with Gino. Well we got within seconds of that dream coming true, unfortunately it didn’t happen.

As we stood in line to meet Gino after the show, his manager very nicely came and told everyone in line that we could only take one picture and it had to be quick because Gino had a flight to catch to South Africa. Well of course we understood and would absolutely grant that request and be as quick as possible. We asked a woman behind us if she would take the picture, she said yes and we gave her the Camera, showed her how to us it, and we were set, so we thought! When it was our turn, we walked up, Gino greeted my daughters very graciously, I said hello, shook his hand and I was in heaven! The woman with our Camera said “ready”, we said “yes” and then, Boom! The camera didn’t go off at the right time; she actually shot us from the waist down! We all sort of laughed, and then this other man, still unsure of who he is, said “No more, we don’t have time for this, move on, get the next people up here”!!!

I heard Gino quietly say “sorry”, but it seemed it wasn’t up to him, this other “jerk” made us move and that was it. We were so close to something so important and special to me, and in a blink of an eye, it was over. My daughters could tell I was really upset and disappointed, they consoled me, and course I eventually got over the shock that, maybe this was my last opportunity to ever see Gino Vannelli Live and in concert, and especially with my daughters who are growing up quickly and will be off starting their own lives as adults sooner that I would like! We do however have a great picture of my daughters, Gino’s, and my legs!! I will have it blown up and framed!

So that is my Las Vegas Gino Vannelli story! Long winded I know, but I had to share this with you. Thank you Barend and Trees for all you do for the Gino fans, it is much appreciated. Sincerely,Tom in Phoenix, Arizona

(18): Another e-mail from Robert in Texas, USA dated Thursday 29 March 2007 with the subject: The best show in Las Vegas.

Dear Barren&Trees,
I didn't think I would see my email on the Vegas site. I forgot to say anything about the performances of the year. The band was so unbelievable!! And as always, Gino's Voice was... Well as I have always said, there really are no words that can truely describe what his voice is like when you are lucky enough to see him live!! He sings with such emotion and energy, there is no better live voice on the planet, period!! When they did the opening of Nightwalker and then went into Apaloosa that really blew my mind!

And I really can't explain the emotion I felt when he and Randy did Canto, what an absolute BEAUTIFUL arrangement of an unbelievable song!! Getting to see and hear him perform that song made the whole weekend for me!! When he signed my copy of Canto I told him what a Masterpiece that album was and of course he graciously thanked me. What an incredible person he is taking time to make all his fans feel special the way he does. And his stories he tells between the songs are so entertaining and funny, he really knows how to put on a show!!

My 18 year old son was so envious, he is praying he comes to Texas again some day because he would love to see him in person. Thanks again for all you do, this truely is a labor of Love!!
All my best, Robert in Fort Worth. PHOTO 1 and 2 and 3...

(19): An e-mail from Charles & Lynn J., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada dated Thursday 29 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas Concert, Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dear Barend and Trees:
My wife and I have just returned from Las Vegas.
We attended Gino Vannelli's concert on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.
Gino Vannelli's concert was excellent!
It was a pleasure to see him perform live! Gino's wife, son, mother, brother, and uncle were sitting very close to us and really enjoyed the show.
Gino looks great and sounds even better.

After the concert, Gino was ushered out of the hall with three security guards. He did not stay to say hello to his adoring fans who lined up to buy his CDs and posters after the concert with the hope that he would sign them. His band members did stay for half an hour and talked to the fans who were quite disappointed that Gino was not there as well. We travelled 2000 miles to see Gino's concert. It was worth it!

We hope Gino's career will continue on and on and produce more albums and concert appearances. Best wishes, Charles & Lynn J. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(20): A Setlist maybe not in the good or right order but it's a start and when you have comments or songs to add or you can make corrections please do not hesitate to e-mail us and we will post it overhere:

Wheels Of Life
Venus Envy
I Just Wanna Stop
Brother To Brother
People Gotta Move
Black Cars
It Hurts To Be In Love
Wild Horses
Just A Motion Away
Living Inside Myself
A reaction by e-mail dated 1 May 2007
from Patricia in México with the subject:
The Gino Vannelli setlist in Las Vegas,
USA 23-24-25 March 2007.

Dear Charles & Lynn
I'll like to add "Lady" song,
this is my favorite's Gino song.
I listened it since 70's and it is
one of the most beautiful song
that I'd had listened.
My best wishes for you..............

Patricia U. A&E, México

(21): Another e-mail from Charles and Lynn in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada dated Friday 30 March 2007 with the subject: Photos of Las Vegas Concert

Dear Barend and Trees:
Attached are a few photos from the Saturday, March 24, 2007 concert at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino.
Hope you enjoy them! Best wishes, Charles & Lynn J. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
P.S.: I will have to send the photos in a series of emails because of the mail server I use.

PHOTO: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5...

(22): Another e-mail from Tom L. in Arizona, USA dated Saterday 31 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas show Sunday night!

Barend and Trees,
Thank you so much for writing back, I really appreciate it!
Even though we had that bad experience, I guess all we can do is laugh about it now, but sometimes it still makes me sad that we didn’t get Gino’s face in the picture! We loved the concert and like I said before, Gino proved once again why he is the GREATEST MUSICIAN ALIVE! We love him and his music and hope the best for him. We hope that maybe he will come to Phoenix Arizona one day soon or even Las Vegas again!

I will send some pictures I took of the concert including the INFAMOUS body picture! They aren’t the best but not bad for a small digital camera.
Thank you guys again for everything. Peace and love to you both. Tom in Arizona

Barend and Trees,
Please enjoy these and share them on your site if you would like to, I will send more. I hope you enjoy the picture of Gino, my daughters, and me! Tom in Arizona photos:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10...

(23): More words in another e-mail from Charles and Lynn in Canada dated Saterday 31 March 2007 with the subject: Las Vegas concert.

Dear Barend and Trees:
Please feel free to post the pictures that we emailed you on your web site. People who love Gino and who were unable to go to the concerts in Vegas would be thrilled to see the photos. Our pictures can be posted as well if you wish. We know that posting on a web site can be expensive. We leave it up to you how many pictures you wish to post.

Yes, you may put our pictures - all of them on your web site.
The one of Gino's wife and son can be left off the web site.
Gino's wife is glamourous. His son is very nice too.
I must tell you a story Gino told his audience at the Saturday concert. Between songs, Gino said:

"My son told me today after I got ready for my concert: "Dad, you look good!" He then said: "But I look better!"

The audience roared with laughter.
Best wishes, Charles & Lynn J. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(24): A second e-mail from Ashley in the USA dated Sunday 1 April 2007 with the subject: GINO VANNELLI

Barend & Trees:
Gino Vannelli & Ashley's Mom You are very welcomed for the photos....I am attaching one of Gino and my mom. She was very excited.

The shows on both Friday and Saturday nights were awsome. He did songs from the new CD and some older material as well. Every one went crazy for Wild Horses and Venus. He read the words for Venus before performing them both nights. Saturday he was more relaxed than on Friday. Guess he was a little nervous about being back in Vegas. He joked about wearing the same pants as then and how difficult it was getting back into them. He did make a point of mentioning his family several times. There was a good mix of ages there as well. Older crowd but quite a lot of younger children. We were laughing because Anton was getting his pic made with all the cute girls.

I did hear from a pretty reliable source (can't say who) that he may do Vegas again early summer and perhaps......New Orleans. Everyone in the US really wants him to do more shows here.

Anyhow - enjoy these photos. We made friends from all over the US and have been exchanging photos with everyone.
Take Care. Ashley

(25): An e-mail from Anthony E. in the USA dated Sunday 1 April 2007 with the subject: Gino Vannelli Home and index page 1 of the shameless devotion to Gino Vannelli...

Anthony's memories of the  70's!!! hello, finally figured out how to e-mail to you all and also wanted to say thanks
my wife and my brother and i also went to vegas and we would not have even known if it was not for your site, it was just as everyone else has said great and also a little disturbing, the way gino told stories of how nobody really knew who he was and the setlist was mostly focused on songs that the people who did not know who he was would recognize, i think he most likely did not do any of the 75, 76, 77 songs because of the keyboard orientation of those records and joe

any way the first time i saw gino was in a place called sheas buffalo in buffalo n.y., i was just 16 and i lived more than 80 miles away, my best friend and i took the bus and when the lights went down all you could hear was the steady kick drum and while the curtain was opening it was love of my life it was f-ing incredible and really, really, really, loud and absolutely mindblowing i will never ever forget it and wished i could finish making the time machine to go back there! again thanks Anthony

(26): An e-mail from Annette A. in Alaska, USA dated Sunday 1 April 2007 with the subject: Vegas Concert was an answered prayer

Barend and Trees,
I thank God I stumbled on your site several months ago surfing the web, looking for "Gino stuff."
I couldn't believe it when I saw the upcoming concert on March 23 in Las Vegas. I have a son attending UNLV and my daughters and I were hoping for one last trip there before he graduates this year. That the concert coincided with their spring break was amazing. I kept checking the Suncoast site for when tickets went on sale and scored seats at one of the front tables.

What an incredible night! Words can hardly describe the elation I felt when after the awesome treat of hearing that magnificent voice and being awed by the unbelievably talented musicians, I actually got to shake his hand and get my picture taken with him. He even signed my Canadian $5 bill. (My great, great uncle, Sir Wilfrid Laurier's picture is on it--and I was babbling something to that effect when he signed it) The late great prime minister was born in Montreal.

I live in Anchorage, Alaska and I never dreamed that I would see Gino in concert again. I did see him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Brother to Brother tour--I've been a fan even longer. I still can't believe what a blessing this whole experience was. It was the 10th anniversary of my oldest brother's death--he too was a Gino fan, and when Gino opened with "Wheels of Life"--a song that has always had very special meaning for me and my husband of 26+ years, I felt God smiling on me, and I thank him for you guys and all you do for Gino's devoted fans. Annette A.

(27): An e-mail from Sky in Los Angeles, California, USA dated Sunday 1 April 2007 with the subject: Gino Vannelli Vegas concert.

Hey there--
I've been reading the other stories popping up on your site about the Las Vegas concerts and they pretty much speak for me too. The shows were fantastic, the crowds were enthusiastic and friendly, and Gino and the band were very gracious to those who met them. It was the first time I saw Gino perform live. I'm a new fan (just over one year) compared to so many who have followed his career for dozens of years and waited all that time for a live show, especially those around the Western U.S. I can only imagine how great it was for those people who have been fans since they were teenagers.

I drove from Los Angeles alone and saw all three shows. On Friday night I sat just a few feet from the stage, a great place to see Gino up close, but not the best place to take in the view of all the band. The next two nights I was in the middle of the showroom, watching the people in the audience as much at the performers. Some people were sitting calmly, others were dancing and cheering through most of the shows. I sat next to wild fans and quiet ones, but at the end of each concert, even the quiet ones were on their feet. One fellow brought his wife for a Sunday night out (they live in Las Vegas) and afterward said he had no idea Gino was such a great performer. He got permission from the Suncoast showroom to take one of the promo signs (about 3 foot squared) and asked Gino to autograph it. Now there's another convert!

The concerts were not the only good thing about my weekend in Vegas. I contacted another fan from your guestbook and met up with her and her husband on Friday night (Maru and Javier from Mexico City). We had some lovely hours visiting together, and talked about our professions, and life in each of our countries. We also met other fans who stayed behind after the shows on a "post-concert high," too energized to go straight to their hotel rooms. There are some genuinely good folks out there who connect with Gino's music and bring with them their enthusiasm for life and humanity. I also enjoyed some interesting conversations with Randy Porter and Sandin Wilson, both true gentlemen to all the strangers who greeted them each night.

Rumor has it that Gino might be back in Vegas, most likely in a larger venue, since the shows were sold out and the performances were terrific. He met with Barry Manilow after the Saturday show to talk about music, which is why he didn't stay to greet people that night (Barry has a standing gig at the Hilton across town). Coincidentally, I was a big fan of Manilow's music for a long time. Living and working in Los Angeles for years, I met Barry many times, both in large crowds and one-to-one. He told his fans in 1978--when both he and Gino were building careers--that he recommended the album "A Pauper in Paradise" for some of the "most beautiful orchestrations around" (quoting Barry). So, even Barry Manilow--another great songwriter--admired Gino's work 29 years ago.

Thanks for the great site, guys. Without it I would not have known about the shows nor connected with the new friends I met with in Las Vegas. Peace-- SKY

The Las Vegas Gino Vannelli setlist donated by Matt (28): An e-mail from Matt in Chicago, USA dated Monday 2 April 2007 with the subject: Matt's report.

Hello again B & T!
Just a quick email to let you guys know that we had a great time seeing Gino and hanging out with the band. I finally got to meet Ross Vannelli, that was a very emotional moment for me!

Gino and the band sounded fantastic and the Vegas crowd was going wild. Especially after being hit with a slamming rendition of Appaloosa.

I was also lucky enough to meet Delia Vannelli, Gino's mom. I told her that my wife and I flew in from Chicago to see Gino and she was so happy to hear that.

As I was walking out of the venue on Saturday night, I heard someone yelling "Matt! Matt! Matt!" I turn to find our mutual friend Judy Marazzi. We exchanged a hug and reminisced about the old days. We haven't seen each other since Gino's House Of Blues show in Chicago in 1999. The next night I spotted Judy talking to Gino's mom and I quickly made my way over and introduced myself. Actually, we sat directly next to the Vannelli table! I glanced over throughout the night to see the looks on Anton and Patricia's faces while Gino performed. They were absolutely delighted.

I also struck up a friendship with guitarist Allen Hinds, who I've been a huge fan of since his days with Bobby Caldwell. He is a GREAT guy. He was nice enough to give me a copy of the set list from the stage floor which I have scanned and included. Here's some pics for now. Feel free to post them to the website. Talk to you soon and take care. Matt. Here are Matt's 4 pictures: Number 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 + the setlist which Matt got from Allen hinds the Guitar-Player......

Click here to enlarge...

(29): An e-mail from Jarrette M. in Oklahoma City, USA dated Monday 2 April 2007 with the subject: Gino Vannelli.

Dear Barend.Trees -
Saw Gino Vannelli and his band way back in the late 70's in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my new bride. Well, here we are, 28 years later, and in the course of 1 year, my same bride and wife have had the privilege of seeing Gino in not only Chicago last April, but now in Las Vegas on the sold out Sunday show, which just happened to be my wife's birthday.

What a great show!!! His new band is solid, and the entire set was just fantastic. And the addition of the great piano intro, and that soaring vocal of Canto was the icing on the cake. I don't think Gino played this song at the House of Blues concert in Chicago, so this was a real treat.

Of course, the crowd was shouting out some requests, and I yelled out Jack Miraculous from Powerful People. Gino said he didn't do requests. And like a jerk, I said out loud that that's what he said in Chicago…….and Gino's response was, "Sir". At that point I knew the request was futile. At least he acknowledged me as Sir. How cool is that!!

We have witnessed a resurgence of the musical genius that is Gino. His voice is just a powerful and magnificent. His stage presence is inspiring you to get "into" his music. He is masterful conductor with the gestures of his body. Las Vegas and Chicago were both shows that will stay with my wife and I till we're old, and grayer, and rocking in our chairs, still listening to Storm At Sunup, Brother to Brother, or Live in Montreal. And we will be rewarded by the fact that we say him, still in his prime after all these years.

Now, only one more birthday present to my beautiful wife……the DVD of the Live in Montreal concert that I ordered, still awaiting. Thanks for all your continued support. Jarrette M Oklahoma City

PS Thanks for DJ actually taking my phone calls and responding to me via emial when asking about Gino's concerts. Muchas Gracias!!

(30): An e-mail with attached pictures from Maru in Mexico dated Tuesday 3 April 2007 with the subject: Maru's pictures...

Here we go with 8 pictures made by Maru and her Husband.

Photo 1: Gino Vannelli and Maru from Mexico.

Photo 2: Maru talking to a very interested Gino.

Photo 3: Ross Vannelli, Gino's Brother and Maru.

Photo 4: A close up of
the Master of Music!!!

Photo 5: Maru next to the Gino Vannelli concert poster.

Photo 6: Maru in front of a Gino Vannelli frame.

Photo 7: Maru & Randy Porter Gino Vannelli's piano-player.

Also see the photo inside story number 12

(31): An e-mail from Patti B. in New York, USA dated Wednesday 4 April 2007 with the subject: Gino in Vegas.

WOW!!! What a great 3 nights of music and entertainment! I can't imagine anyone NOT having a great time and hearing a great performance. Not only was GINO in top shape and sounded great but the band was really together and sounded fantastic! It was 3 of the best shows in my opinion.

I had an extra ticket for Saturday and it ended up going to someone who books bands for Vegas clubs and I know that guy was impressed with what he saw that night. You couldn't help but get into the music and want to dance in the aisles.

Everything went really well for GINO in Vegas and he has really worked out a lot since his body was so "buff" and you could tell he was anticipating a big crowd and many eyes on him and his performance. He doesn't need to worry though because he put on 3 great shows that would have sold out in any location in Vegas!

The guys in the band were as sweet as usual and even waved to Toni from the stage which made her feel like someone special. Sandin and Dawn were particularly nice to her and even spent some time with us on Saturday afternoon in the pool relaxing and having fun.

The intro to Appaloosa was the Nightwalker intro which blew my mind since I LOVE NIGHTWALKER and then it went into Appaloosa and the crowd went wild! Canto was a great addition since that song is so beautiful for GINO to sing. What a talented man to have all these different songs to give us and he is still creating more!

It was so much fun to be able to go for the 3 nights and see the reactions of all the people who traveled from ALL OVER the place to see GINO. I met many new fans and saw some of the regular faces we always see. Everyone was friendly and very eager to talk and get to know one another. I tried to take as many pictures as I could and I have sent them off for you to post if you want. I had a great time and was pretty tired by the time the 3 nights were over.

I managed to get some shots during sound check and a few of GINO signing after the shows. It still amazes me that he takes the time for us fans to sign and pose for pictures after the shows. After all the pictures I have of him, I liked one they were selling and my daughter Toni took her last $10 and bought it for me....I sent a picture of her holding it up for you to see. The shows were great and I hope to see more shows in the future maybe closer to New York!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks for the great information you post and for being so loyal to GINO! Let me know if you like the pictures! Patti

A reply from the Editors B&T posted on this web page because our e-mails to Patti B. are somehow blocked and keep coming back to us. This is already the matter for months and months... Terry from the USA will help us to communicate with Patti and Toni Battista. We e-mailed Terry the error message which we received with the returned e-mails! Thanks Patti for the wonderful review and pictures.

Here we made 3 Gino Vannelli slideshows with pictures of all 3 nights in Las Vegas, USA:

Gino Vannelli Slideshow with 56 pics of 23 March 2007 Slideshow of Saterdaynight 24 March 2007 with 42 photos Sunday 25 March 2007 Gino Vannelli slideshow with 30 pictures

(32): An e-mail from Paul P in Florida, USA dated 14 April 2007 with the subject: Gino

We went to the Vegas concert (were you there?) and had an unbelievable time. I regret I only went to one show! I see he's touring in Europe for awhile, but any plans to be back in the US after? There was a rumor he might be playing New Orleans. Is it true he lives part time in Europe? Why? Do you have emails of his bigger fans in the US? Thanks. Paul Paduano, Florida

(33): An e-mail from kmp, USA dated 27 April 2007 with the subject:
Las Vegas Concert

As a long time fan of Gino, I love your website.
It was here I learned that he would be performing in Las Vegas, NV. I went to all 3 shows. I hadn't been to Las Vegas in 37 years. I had seen Gino in NYC about 15 or 16 years ago. He blew me away then and now. What a talent.

To say he was wonderful would be an understatement. It was the best weekend I've had in years.

Can you tell me where I can get a copy of Canto with the English lyrics you link to on your website? Please keep up the wonderful work! I keep going back over and over to your site and I still don't think I've seen it all.

(34): An e-mail from Rita in South Carolina, USA dated 22 May 2007 with the subject:
Pictures from Las Vegas show in March

Hi Guys,
It not been that long ago that I found your website. I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in keeping us Gino fans informed about concert dates and the latest info. on this great talent.

I have been a Gino fan for over 30 years and finally had the opportunity to see him in March. My husband and I live in Pawleys Island, SC but the distance could not stop me from seeing one of my favorite artists. My husband is an entertainer in the area and arranged for us to meet DJ, Gino's manager. We were very fortunate to meet the band during their first sound check and after all of the years I got to meet Gino. Ross introduced himself to me and that was a real treat. He is such a great guy. Needless to say we had a wonderful time.

We attended the Friday and Sunday concerts and the audience was great at both shows. I was amazed at the distance others had also traveled to see Gino. I wanted to send a few pictures from the concerts to add to the collection you have received from other fans. Please keep up the great work with your website. Thanks again, Rita K

(35): An e-mail from Amy H. in Kansas, USA dated 15 June 2007 with the subject:
From the Gino Vannelli updates web page with the subject Las Vegas May 2007.

Dear Barend and Trees:
I am resending a letter that I sent back in March commenting on Gino’s Suncoast Concert in Las Vegas. You asked for letters, and I’m not sure you received mine. I just want to thank you again for ALL that you do to help get information out to all the Gino Vannelli fans in the world. My husband made sure that I got to go to Gino’s concert in March, and I’m sending a couple of my favorite pictures that he took. This will remain one of my favorite moments in life! Thanks again, Amy, Paola, KS, USA

(Below is the letter I wrote to you in March)

Dear Barend and Trees:
Gino Vannelli and Amy at the Suncoast in Las Vegas, March 2007... Let me start by giving you both my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful Gino Vannelli website. Without it, I would have never known about his concert in Las Vegas. I’ve waited 30 years to be able to see Gino in person and it was incredible! The first time I heard Gino sing, I was with my high school boyfriend in his car, and the first few notes of “I Just Wanna Stop” came on the radio, and I knew I was hearing something very special. When Gino started singing, I just melted….what a voice, the words, the music were all just amazing. There is just something about his music that mixed with my chemistry and I’ve been “shamelessly devoted” (as you both are) to Gino’s music ever since.

I can remember being in painting class in college and my professor would have Billie Holliday playing on the stereo. As soon as he would leave the room, I would go over and put on Gino’s music, and my teacher would come back in and just smile at me and shake his head. He knew it was good stuff too!

I’ve been to only two concerts in my life, …. the first concert was Elvis Presley in 1972, and of course the other concert was Gino Vannelli, last week….the real “King” is Gino –

My husband and I flew to Las Vegas just to see this concert, and we had seats at the front of the stage. Honestly, I could have touched his shoes several times. We sat next to a wonderful couple from California that had seen Gino in concert several times and said that we were seeing “the best”…we pretty much already knew that, though. The husband of the couple we sat by at the concert had a stroke a several years ago and said it was the worst two-year recovery period of his life, and what got him through it was listening to This picture of Gino Vannelli is made by Amy's Husband at the Suncoast in Las Vegas Gino’s music. He said it was one of the only things he could remember during his recovery. It was so wonderful to be in a room of such devoted fans who very obviously were thrilled to see Gino. He has such a wonderful wit and charm about him, and had everyone laughing many different times, and of course as far as I’m concerned he could have stayed up there singing the rest of the night! His band was just excellent, and they obviously seemed to really like each other. We were only able to attend the Friday night performance, but heard several people say they had tickets for all three nights.

Many years ago I wrote you both a letter to ask if you knew of Gino touring at that time, and you wrote me back the sweetest letter and sent me a recorded radio program of Gino that was done in Germany, I believe. I had told you that I had never even seen or heard him speak before and that is why you sent me the program. I still have the recording, and the letter you sent me and want to again thank you for that very kind gesture. Gino is so blessed to have friends like you.

Thanks again so much for all the hard work you put into your wonderful website, that keeps all of us “shamelessly devoted fans” informed! Amy Hayden, Kansas, USA

Gino Vannelli the Man and His Music (36): An e-mail from Joeyski in the USA dated 13 July 2007 with the subject:
From the Gino Vannelli guestbook inside the message of Joanne Saczynski...

Dear Barend and Trees,
I know this is a little late to talk about the March 2007 Las Vegas show but it still is forefront in my mind. When we were walking into the show room I heard someone say " HI GIno", I stopped and looked up and he was standing right next to me. I was so astounded. I just stood there with my eyes wide open and couldn't say a word.

The show was outstanding. I would have bought tickets for all three days if I could. After the show my cousin was able to grab a play list and have the band members sign. Gino also signed it. What a thrill! I was able to have a photo with him and have him sign a few other momentos. What a kind man!

I was out of town in May and when I returned I found out he was going to be back in Vegas. I was scheduled to have a big barbecue that weekend and was seriously thinking about canceling all of my guests to go back to Vegas. Alas, I did not. I understand Gino is supposed to be back in Vegas again sometime soon. I am watching all the web pages diligently. Have not seen anything. If you have any news please let me know. Kind Regards, Joeyski

Gino Vannelli takes time for His Fans...

The row to Gino Vannelli's signature...

all kind's of ...INFORMATION:

An e-mail from Dr. Aaron Mancuso in Las Vegas, NV, USA dated Friday 26 January 2007: With the subject: From Aaron-one more-exciting

Hello Barend and Trees:
I recently spoke to the Showroom Manager at the Suncoast regarding Gino’s upcoming Las Vegas visit. He advised me that the Suncoast is having the busiest on sale ticket purchase in their history. I will forward some potential helpful information for those traveling to Las Vegas from outside the metropolitan Las Vegas Valley, as time allows, Regards Aaron Mancuso

A second e-mail from Dr. Aaron Mancuso in Las Vegas, NV, USA dated 17 February 2007: With the subject: From Aaron-For your Las Vegas web page

Hi Barend and Trees,
For those traveling to Las Vegas, The Suncoast is located approximately 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. There is shuttle service to the Strip; however renting a car will give you much more freedom to travel to Downtown and surrounding areas.

For those who desire to see what most people overlook when traveling to Southern Nevada, not related to Casinos and Glitter, you can check the following links:

Mount Charleston Lodge...

Las Vegas Outdoors...

Red Rock Canyon...

Lake Mead...

Hoover Dam...

Keep up the great work on your website, Sincerely Aaron Mancuso, Las Vegas, Nevada

... etc...

An e-mail from Mary Lou in the USA dated 5 February 2007 with the subject: GINO IN VEGAS!!!!!

Hello to all GINO Fans,
Hope everyone is well and having a great new year.
Just booked my room and tickets for the shows in Las Vegas.
Is anyone planning to go to Las Vegas????
Tickets are selling very fast and seats for all three nights are very limited. I wanted to pass this on to all in cause you are planning to go I would call ASAP to get tickets.

That is great news for GINO and the band that the showroom will be filled each evening.
Counting the days until Vegas!!!!
TTYL, Mary Lou

An e-mail from Werner in Germany dated 6 February 2007 with the subject: GINO IN VEGAS!!!!!

A warm Hello from Germany you crazy people.
It´s so amazing what Barend and Trees reporting about Ginos new ideas and compositions.
It must have been an exciting time in Holl (Gino) land.
WEll i´ll not be able to do Vegas but i´m looking so forward to see Gino with Michiel Borstlap this friday in Italy - San Benedetto as an duo. Will someone be there?

I hope Gino will play some of the new creations he developed together with Michiel. Of course i´m planning to go to London for the shows in the Jazz Cafe too. Please let me know if somebody plans to come too. Would be great to see you all again somewhere in the world on a Gino concert. But i think everyone of the Crazy People is at every Concert -in our brain, thoughts, love and passion. Stay crazy! yours Werner

An e-mail from Maru in Mexico dated 6 February 2007 with the subject: GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M THE HAPPIEST HUMAN BEING ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? I'm going to Las Vegas to see GINO VANNELLI!!!!!!!!!! My heart's beating so hard, I can hear it. My chest is gonna burst of happiness!!!!!!!!! I've just bought the tickets. My husband and I will fly on 22 and fly back on 25; so we will go to the concerts on 23 and 24!!!!!!!!!! We got better tickets for friday than for saturday, the second day we are in the last row, but I DON'T CARE, I'LL BE THERE!!!!

This is a dream come true, thanks to you. If it weren't for you, and your EXTRAORDINARY site, I would have never known of concerts and ALL Gino's activities. THANK YOU DEEP FROM MY HEART!!! You are two sweet angels and I'll be gratefull to heaven for the rest of my life, for finding you. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An e-mail from Jill in the USA dated 7 February 2007 with the subject: GINO IN VEGAS!!!!!

Hello Berand and Trees,
Thank you for writing!!! I'm sorry this letter was originally meant for Mary Lou, but I think if you read on you'll see why I cannot write more. HOwever I do want to THANK YOU BOTH for always keeping Gino's fans on top of the latest news!!!

Hi Mary Lou,
I hope you're great. And I wish I had better news.
Firstly, my aneurysm is inoperable. I will probably die with it NOT from it. That's the good news. The bad news they are still unable to control my pain or blood pressure. So, if it does burst, 50% chance I die, 30% I end up in nursning home and 20% chance I get surgery and come out normal.

With all that I am facing a move. A strange man broke in my house this past Saturday night. I RAN!!!!! He took Grover(my 14 yr old shih tzu). The good news is the police got the man. The bad news is the man's mother and cousin have been harrassing me. I do not know these people. Thank God I have great neighbors who are looking out for me, but I have to move.

I want so bad to be at the Vegas shows, you just don't know. Please, will you hug yourself for me? and please tell all the ladies I said, "hi." Please tell Gino too and have everyone send me pics and stories.

The Good Lord knows I will miss you all, but I will be there in spirit.
Love You Mary Lou (and the girls,) Jill

Berand and Trees, I love you both. Thank you for all you do!!!

A second e-mail from Mary Lou in the USA dated 8 February 2007 with the subject: GINO IN VEGAS!!!!!

Thank You Barend & Trees for the updates.
Your story about Gino and Michiel was a welcome warm stop for our hearts and souls during this long stretch of a cold cold winter. Gino looked happy and I am sure he sounded wonderful.
Las Vegas will be a great Spring Weekend.
Hope to hear some of the new music that Gino has been hard at work creating.
Sounds like Holland has been good for the creative mind of the Master.
Counting the days till we hear the Voice from Heaven in the city of fun!!
Take care, Mary Lou

A third e-mail from Mary Lou in the USA dated 9 February 2007 with the subject: GINO IN VEGAS!!!!!

Barend & Trees,
The Portland Band and GINO are a great combination.
I saw them in Canada last year for the first four shows of the tour and they were really great.
In April when they played the show at BB Kings's you could tell that playing together for a few months had really brought them together musically and in friendship.

Great guys!!!

Truth be told, as long as GINO shows up we will be happy with whoever he brings with him(LOL). Take care, Mary Lou

An e-mail from Julia N. Marland in the USA dated 9 February 2007 with the subject: My hero

Hi Barend and Trees!
It's your old friend GinoAddict aka Jazzyjuls, just checking in. I have to say I am addicted to the Gino videos on MSN since I found them and am sending them to everyone, posting them on my Myspace page, and watching them repeatedly!

I even fantasized about going to Vegas to see him in march. I figured out the plane flight hotel and shows would cost me about $800 not including food. But you never know what I might do. its been much too long since I've seen Gino live, and I've still never had the opportunity to meet him in person and get his autograph.. and its on my list of the most important things I want to ever do. I may save up the money to go.

I did want to briefly comment on your webpage, and how phenomenally it continues to grow and how wonderful it is for your to receive all these first hand reviews..many had me in tears.. I was so happy for those fans.. I know exactly what it must have felt like to see Gino live and then meet him in person! Thanks for keeping this site current, up to date, with the shows, reviews and feedback from the fans.. its a unique site, that more artists wish they had I'm sure! Hope you're enjoying your February! Juls

An e-mail from Jerri in Colorado,USA dated 10 February 2007 with the subject: Thanks for all that you do!

Hi Barend & Trees, Yes, I did receive the email and the picture.
Great picture, by the way.
I'm very excited to be going to Las Vegas to see 2 of Gino's shows.
I'm sure I will be in good company with many other of his fans and friends! Thanks for all that you do! Jeri

An e-mail from Ashley in the USA dated 11 February 2007 with the subject: Homepage 1 GINO VANNELLI!

Help me. I am sending my mom on a surprise trip to Vegas to see her favorite. She has done alot for me and now that I have finally turned 21, it's my turn. Any chance a photo with Gino can be arranged for her? I got tickets to both Friday and Saturday night shows - good seats I hope. If you can do anything I would be grateful and she would be shocked. Ash

An e-mail from John R. Borja in California, USA dated 17 February 2007 with the subject: Gino Vannelli songs - responding to your site -- Gino Vannelli midi-files box web page...

Hello from Southern California.
Attached is my musical creation of "I JUST WANNA STOP" by the artist I admire the most in the musical world, none other than Gino Vannelli.

I would love to meet & perform with Gino someday. I've been listening to his music and performing his songs since 1978 and continue to do so to this very day. If he is going to be in Las Vegas in March 2007, I would definitely be there for his concert at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.
Somehow, someway, if you do get in contact with Gino Vannelli, it has been my heart's desire to play his songs on stage in concert. I've already performed so many concerts as lead guitarist for Stevie Wonder. To perform with Gino would be the absolute greatest moment for me. Gino is truly the musician's musician. I've been listening to his music since 1976. Mahalo et Maururu,
John R. Borja

Another e-mail from Maru in Mexico 10 March 2007 with the subject: CLOSER AND CLOSER...

My dear friends:
You can imagine how excited I am, I'm counting the days to the concerts!!! Everything's ready, just waiting THE BIG DAYS to come. I feel as if I were going to a party, where I'll meet friends; people who love Gino Vannelli's music, lyrics, arrangements, voice and everything He does; people who are part of "GINO'S" Barend & Tree's community, people whose names I've seen written in your website lots of times and that keeps me very happy too, because in some way, we are not strangers, we are connected thanks to your site. You should be very proud and happy to make people feel this emotions around THE MASTER OF MUSIC.

Thank you again for being there and I think my next e-mail will be to tell you my WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! Maru C.

An e-mail from Judy in Buffalo, NY, USA dated 17 March 2007 with the subject: LAS VEGAS

Good Morning B & T...
How are you both doing these days? I haven't written to you in a while so I just wanted to touch base with you both..Love all the changes on the Gino web-site..All the new pictures too. I'm so dissapointd that I can't go to Vegas. Donna's brother Frankie has front row tickets for Sunday night show. Donna and I are so mad at him. LOL. I'm glad for him though. You can't appreciate Gino unless you see him on stage live doing what he does best. Jamming, singing and entertaining. He'll really enjoy the show. Boo Hoo Hoo..I want to go too. Are you two (2) going? I hope so. This way we get first hand news. If you go take lots of pictures...God Bless you both for working so hard to keep us GINO fans happy. Ciao
Love Judy,Buffalo,NY

An e-mail from Matt in the USA dated 23 March 2007 with the subject: From Matt

Hello B & T!
I hope you are well.
Me and my wife are off to Las Vegas for 2 of Gino's shows. I'll send some pics when I return. In the meantime, here is an article from the Las Vegas Review Journal. Matt

An e-mail from Maru in Mexico dated 23 March 2007 with the subject: Thank God we could get tickets...

Dear Barend & Trees: I feel butterflies in my stomach just to think how close I am for the BIG DAYS!!!!!!
and it's almost all day long!!!!!! Answering to your questions, no, I don't know exactly who will be there, but I'm absolutelly sure, most of the people will go because they knew about these concerts thanks to you, so that's why I feel I'm going to be surrounded not by strangers, but by people who are in touch with you. About the hotel, no, I'm not staying at the Suncoast. In Mexico, there are several travel agencies who offer good price packages, plane and hotel, from thursday to sunday or from sunday through thursday but unfortunatelly I coudn't find one who had this kind of agreement with the Suncoast with an affordable price for us. I investigated the costs of plane separated from hotel and the price raised a lot, so, as my subject are the concerts, I don't mind where to stay. We got a room at "The Strip" as they call the large avenue full of hotels. They say it's 15 minutes away from Suncoast. And because of the flight hours, we won't be able to go the the concert on march 25th. But we will be on 23rd and 24th!!!!!!!!! It was very easy to buy the tickets. I called directly to the ticket sales office to confirm that I could pick up the tickets one day before the first concert, they were very kind and offered me to buy the tickets at that moment, and save the charge for doing it through the internet, so we have tickets for the second row for 23 and for the last row on 24. Thank God we could get tickets for the second concert, it would had been a pitty to travel all the way long and see Gino just once.

You're so kind to say you'll be thinking of me!!!!!! Be sure I'll be thinking of you too. And who knows, maybe in the future it will be possible for us to meet personally, what would be something really gorgeous to me!!!!!!!! I wish you the best and I'll be in touch as soon as I get back home. Kisses from Mexico.

An e-mail from Robert in Texas, USA dated 23 March 2007 with the subject: Vannelli in Vegas

Dear Barend & Trees,
I really can't believe this day is finally here!!
I have been looking so foward to this since you announced it on your web site. Do you remember when that was?

My twin brother is meeting me there tomorrow. He is lucky enough to be able to see him 2 nights in a row. I wish we were sitting together but that's ok, he didn't think he would be able to go. I'm just glad for that, but not near as glad as he is. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. we were talking last night and he might be more excited than I am, but I don't think that's possible, LOL!!

Any way he said what could be better than Gino 2 nights in a row in a place like Las Vegas?? I had to remind him 3 nights in a row, I really can't believe this is happening. I have never seen anyone even 2 nights in a row let alone The Master of Music, I'm sure you two have experienced it more than once. Any way just had to let you know the emotions I'm feeling right now. Wish you were going to be there. Keep up the good work and I sure hope we get to meet him. Love, Robert Birchmier in Fort Worth.

An e-mail from Charles in Canada dated 23 March 2007 with the subject: Gino in Las Vegas Saturday night
(March 24, 2007).

Dear Barend & Trees: My wife and I will be flying 3000 miles to see Gino in Las Vegas Saturday night
(March 24, 2007).

We are thrilled to see perform live. We will tell you all about the concert when we return. If pictures are permitted, we will send you some. Best wishes, Charles Jaworski

Gino Vannelli advertisement in the newspaper of Las Vegas. NEWSPAPERS

An e-mail from Dr. Aaron in Las Vegas, NV, USA dated 18 March 2007 with the subject: Ad in the Las Vegas Journal...

Barend and Trees, enclosed is an ad the hit the Las Vegas Review Journal today, Best, Aaron

An e-mail from Kathleen in the USA dated 23 March 2007 with the subject: Gino in Las Vegas

Hi Barend and Trees,
Happy Spring!!! Hope you are both well.
Thinking about Gino in Las Vegas this weekend!!

Here's the first newspaper coverage: Singer plays Las Vegas on his own terms... Review Journal Las Vegas
Will send along anything else I can locate. Cheers! Kathleen. Here is the article:

Mar. 18, 2007
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal
MIKE WEATHERFORD: Singer plays Las Vegas on his own terms

When new showroom listings come in, sometimes a name jumps out from among the usual suspects.

Seeing Gino Vannelli booked at the Suncoast next weekend provoked a double-take. He hasn't been here in a long time. Or has he? How could he not have been?

You might not understand this confusion if you weren't in school when "I Just Wanna Stop" was a slow-dance hit in 1978. On the surface, the Canadian singer was the Tom Jones of the disco era. Sultry barrelhouse voice, sexy power ballads. He even had a blown-out, Godzilla version of the Tom Jones 'fro, and album covers showing his shirt all unbuttoned to display his hairy chest.

In other words, a guy who could have written his own ticket on the Strip throughout the '80s. But Vannelli says he hasn't played here since an Aladdin concert in 1979. Instead, the gigs went to contemporaries who seemed less likely at the time to become Vegas perennials: Chicago, Styx and the Moody Blues among them.

"To put a show together built on the strength of my past? No can do," says the 54-year-old singer.

"I've been asked to play, but every casino wanted me to play like an oldies show," which he defines as "a revue kind of show of my 10 most known songs (played) like the record."

Vannelli offers a refreshing account of a road less traveled, including concerts with orchestras, big bands and solo piano. He spends half the year in Oregon, half in the Netherlands and has been trying to write a novel. It makes sense for those who listen carefully. Vannelli was as much Leonard Cohen as Tom Jones. Even his big dance hit "Black Cars" was a terse metaphor for the night people who moved to it: "Black cars look better in the shade."

"I've seen artists just get down on music and down on their lives because they keep living a groundhog life," he says. "The most formidable nemesis of artists is boredom. You stay interesting and the music stays interesting."

Getting trapped on the state fair circuit would have been "a terrible prison," he says. "You've got to get yourself out of that prison before it starts, before you build that prison. It takes a little courage to say no," he adds. "Some of the offers were very tempting."

His heirs may still have hope for an inheritance. One of the innumerable ways Las Vegas -- and the larger casino circuit -- has changed since 1978 is that it can bend to almost any artist's whim. If Aaron Lewis of Staind wants to do a solo acoustic concert, power to him.

Vannelli now says he's "happy to go into Vegas in a way that I feel comfortable," with a quartet playing "the tunes they know in a way they haven't heard before."

Perhaps it will be the first of many return visits from the one Canadian who didn't conquer the Strip.

VEGAS hits the high notes
Music stars become the Strip's hottest tickets.
By Jon Bream, Star Tribune
Last update: March 23, 2007 – 4:13 PM

Siegfried and Roy don't perform here anymore. Blue Man Group is a faceless franchise that you can now see at an arena near you. And, let's be honest, Carrot Top is not exactly top shelf. Las Vegas has needed new headliners more desperately than Kenny Rogers needs a new cosmetic surgeon. And in the past year, the pooh-bahs of the Strip have finally found an answer: They've built a better Rat Pack by booking some of the biggest names in popular music for long-term residencies.

Celine Dion does about 150 shows annually, Elton John tickles his red piano 75 nights a year and Prince parties every Friday and Saturday. Toni Braxton serenades and sashays every evening, and Barry Manilow, like a Next Gen Wayne Newton, peddles schmaltz five nights a week.

OK, this egocentric collection may not be like the original Rat Pack, whose members often shared a stage, some Scotch and a broad (their term, not mine). But where else can you find so many blockbuster music names on the same night?

"Las Vegas probably has a better array of [musical] talent on any night than any market -- including New York and L.A.," said Gary Bongiovanni, editor of the concert journal Pollstar.

For instance, this weekend in Vegas, you can see the Dave Matthews Band with the Fray, Stevie Nicks, Blue Oyster Cult, Gino Vannelli, Fourplay, Rodney Carrington, Al Stewart, Ty Herndon, a blues triple bill of Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and the most unforgettable hair band of all time, A Flock of Seagulls -- as well as Prince, Braxton and Manilow.

"The shows are the whole reason to come here. I don't gamble," said Gina Deragisch, 55, of Redding, Calif., who has seen Celine, Elton and Toni.

"It's great to have all these big stars," said Jon Thomas, 35, of Chicago, who recently added Prince to his Vegas list of Elton and Bruce Willis. "You can come back every few months and there's always someone new to see."

Residencies lead resurgence
This desert town of 1 million isn't a top-25 market by population, but it's a must-play for every act from the Rolling Stones to Keith Urban to Akon. That's because Vegas has become the No. 1 adult entertainment destination in North America, where, Bongiovanni says, visitors don't hesitate to pay top-of-the-line prices comparable to New York and Los Angeles to see the stars.

"Money has a distorted value in Vegas from the public's standpoint," he said. "You're less likely to argue the price difference between an $80 and a $100 ticket."

In other words, this oasis means fatter paychecks for the stars.

But it's the residencies that are revolutionizing Vegas as a music city. The Strip used to be the last stop -- the last hurrah -- in a singer's career. However, the neon desert has gone from a graveyard to a shrewd and profitable business move for middle-aged marquee stars.

The credit goes to Dion, the French-Canadian queen of middle-of-the-road pop, and her manager/husband, Rene Angelil. They came up with the idea of settling in Sin City to let fans come to them instead of them going to fans worldwide.

In 2003, Caesars Palace built a $95 million, 4,000-seat theater, the Colosseum, for Dion. Her concert, complete with a humongous 3D video wall, is so elaborate that it would be impossible to take it on the road. That's OK with her, because the world has been beating a path to her one-of-a-kind stage.

"Nobody thought it would work, and Celine and Rene proved everybody wrong," said John Meglen, president and co-CEO of AEG Live/Concerts West, which has produced her engagement. "When we finish on Dec. 15, we'll be at about 750 shows for five years. The gross for Celine will exceed half-a-billion dollars."

Even Mick Jagger, who can account for every penny the Stones accumulate, will confirm that in the past four years, Dion has raked in more from ticket sales than any other musical attraction.

Less stress for stars

The Madonnas, Bon Jovis and Tim McGraws can haul in more money jetting from arena to arena, playing to 15,000 fans a night. But they don't have the advantages Dion and other Vegas resident stars enjoy -- spending time with their families, eliminating travel expenses for a large crew, and avoiding the stress of moving from city to city and starting anew every day with interviews and stage construction. Not to mention sleeping in their own beds every night.

Las Vegas Online Entertainment Guide
Gino Vannelli

Suncoast Showroom at Suncoast
March 23, 2007 - Friday
March 24, 2007 - Saterday
March 25, 2007 - Sunday
7:30pm Tickets: $39.95 +tax
For more information call 702-636-7075

The 1970s was a decade dominated by glam, punk, heavy metal, new wave, disco and funk. It was a decade where notions of pop and rock authenticity and hip ness were constantly being contested and redefined. In the midst of such a heady maelstrom, a handful of artists such as Gino Vannelli and Steely Dan opted to buck all the trends, writing and producing sophisticated jazz-inflected pop. In Gino's case, such decade defining hits as People Gotta Move and I Just Wanna Stop.

While Gino was not a favorite with the Rolling Stone wing of rock critics, he managed to rack up ten Billboard pop chart hits, seven of which also charted Adult Contemporary, three of which crossed over to the R&B charges. Seven of those timeless classics are included in his new album, These Are The Days, alongside seven new pop hits in the making.

Born in Montreal, Gino grew up in a family headed by a jazz singing father and a keen eared mother. Enamored with a bevy of jazz drummers such as Gene Krupa, Gino studied drums and music theory for five years. By the age of 12 he had formed a rock band dubbed the Cobras and a year later, with his brother holding down the keyboard chair, Gino headed up the Motown-influenced Jacksonville 5 (note this is five years before the Jackson 5 recorded their first record.) Along the way Gino pickup up guitar and piano and began to sing.

Before his seventeenth birthday, Gino had signed with RCA Records in Canada, releasing a single under the pseudonym Van Elli, "Gina Bold" b/w Never Cry Again. Bitten by the music industry bug, Gino and his brother Joe headed for New York and then later Los Angeles. It was a long struggle, but when Gino was able to get the attention of A&M Record's owner Herb Alpert, he was given the chance to audition, playing an acoustic guitar some of the sings he had recently written including People Gotta Move, Crazy Life, Mama Coco, Powerful People and Lady. All five songs would end up on the six albums Gino would record for A&M between 1974 and 1978.

Gino Vannelli's 15th album THESE ARE THE DAYS Five of these six albums made the Billboard album charts, culminating with Brother to Brother which achieved a coveted Top 20 position in the fall of 1978. With his records climbing the charts, Gino toured as the opening act for Stevie Wonder, was the first white artist to appear on Soul Train, was nominated for a handful of Grammy Awards and soon headlined his own concerts at major venues in Key US cities. In his native Canada, his talents were recognized with a plethora of Juno Awards. In 1980 Gino signed with Arista Records. His sole Arista album, Nightwalker, provided him with a #6 pop hit in Living Inside Myself. Four years later, he released the successful the Black Cars album and single on HME. Two years later, he recorded Big Dreamers for CBS featuring the single Wild Horses stormed its way to the Top 10 in several countries.

By 1990, Gino began to get weary of the music industry, so he departed and formed his own record label and released the live Inconsolable Man. Shortly thereafter, Gino took a radical left turn with the largely acoustic jazz albums Yonder Tree and Slow Love, released in 1995 and 1997. By the end of the decade his muse was taking him still further afield, toward one of his earliest loves, classical music. In 2003, he released Canto, featuring songs sung in English, Spanish and French.

Satisfied with his forays into jazz and classical, Gino felt it was time to return to pop and in 2005 released These Are The Days that combined seven of his earlier hits with seven new songs freshly written in 2005. These Are The Days makes eminently plain, some thirty years after his first major label release, Gino is at the peak of his game, making mature pop music for this brave new world.

Today in Las Vegas™ Magazine

What's HOT This Week: this is your weekend with Gino Vannelli - Suncoast

The 1970's was a de-cade dominated by punk, heavy metal, new wave, disco and funk. In the midst of such a heady time, a handful of artists such as Gino Vannelli and Steely Dan opted to buck all trends, writing and producing sophisticated jazz-inflected pop. During this decade, Gino produced such hits as "People Gotta Move" and "I Just Wanna Stop."

While not a favorite of rock critics, he still managed to rack-up ten Billboard pop chart hits, seven of which also charted Adult Contemporary and three which crossed over to R&B charges.

Gino got his big break in the early '70s when he auditioned for A&M Record's Herb Alpert. From then on, he has slowly but steadily been releasing hit after hit, soon headlining his own concerts. Throughout the years, Gino has moved from pop-rock, to acoustic jazz to classical music. Satisfied with his forays into jazz and classical, Gino felt it was time to return to pop in 2005 with the album, "These Are The Days."

Catch Gino Vannelli's brand of pop, rock, jazz and classical music, March 23-25, 7:30 p.m., The Suncoast Showroom. Tickets from $39.95. 636-7075.

Your One Stop Guide to Las Vegas at its Best.....

Gino Vannelli’s
show at The Suncoast was a Flashback to the Future
When I arrived at the Showroom of The Suncoast Hotel Sunday night for the Gino Vannelli show I saw a lot of familiar faces. A lot of musician familiar faces.

I recognized Joey Melotti out front before the show. I had met him at The Stirling Club over a year ago. Joey is the keyboard player with the Barry Manilow Show at The Las Vegas Hilton. Joey introduced me to Celine Dion’s keyboard player who also was waiting to see Gino Vannelli. Joey told me Gino and his brother, Ross came by to see them after their show Saturday and hung out with Barry and the guys in the greenroom backstage at The Hilton.

My friend Blaise Sisson, of the Family Stone Band met me for the show. As we walked in we saw more musician friends, drummer Gary Olds, keyboardist Billy Moran from The Stratosphere “Top of the World Lounge” and wife Sherry.

Singer/Keyboardist Nicholas Cole who appears at Caesars Palace and his wife Danielle were sitting at the front of the stage. This obviously was a crowd full of entertainers. Many took off from their gigs to see this legendary performer who has been seen way too little for way too long.

The crowd went wild as Gino entered as the band started playing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He looked like he had not aged since I saw him in Houston, Texas thirty years ago. The energy on stage and in the audience was exciting as Gino moved and danced as he sang his hits. He sounded as good as he did thirty years ago. He performed most of his big hits such as “I JUST WANNA STOP”, “APPALOOSA” and “BROTHER TO BROTHER” as well as a hot new song “VENUS” which is in the vein of the 1970’s hits. He talked to the crowd between songs about things that inspired certain songs and what he had been doing over the past twenty eight years that he has been in and out of the public eye. He even mentioned a stint in a Monastery, a spiritual retreat?

The band was incredible and I learned that three of the four were from Portland, Oregon. Randy Porter on keyboards, Reinhardt Melz on drums and Sandin Wilson on bass. The guitarist looked familiar and when Gino introduced Allen Hinds, I recognized him from Los Angeles. I had met Allen at my favorite jazz club, La Ve Lee in Studio City. Allen was performing there with his Jazz Fusion band.

I did not want the one and a half hour show to end and neither did the rest of the audience. I think this crowd could have stayed all night. It was definitely a musician’s dream concert in this small intimate five hundred seat theater with excellent acoustics. Gino Vannelli’s music still sounds great today and will still sound great in twenty years because his music was progressive and definitely ahead of it’s time when most of it was recorded in the 1970’s. That’s why my headline reads “Flashback to the Future”. Gino along with his producer brother Joe were some of the first to use synthesizers in popular music layering the individual sounds to create an orchestral effect. Gino initially played drums when he was in his teens and this is why the drums are so prevalent and propelling in his music.

After the show I ran in to a long time musician friend I had not seen in years who always reminded me of Gino Vannelli because he was Italian born in Italy not Montreal as Gino but with that same european style and manner. That was Nino Angelastro who had a band appropriately named, Angel Star. When I used to come to Las Vegas in the middle 1980’s while still living in Houston, Texas I would go to see Nino perform and he would ask me sit in on the drums while he moved up front on stage with his guitar to sing Gino Vannelli tunes as well as others. That’s why after the show he told me that he probably had sung Gino Vannelli more times than Gino Vannelli. He is probably right since Gino took a 28 year hiatus. Nino’s wife, Kathy Shriner, former lead dancer from the Jubilee Show at Bally’s was with him at the concert. It was great to see them both.

After the show we spent some time with keyboardist, Randy Porter and bassist Sandin Wilson. The Gino Vannelli tour continued this week in Cape Town South Africa. I received an e-mail from Sandin, while in route, saying how much they enjoyed performing in Las Vegas and looked forward to coming back and checking out the local “Music Seen” and especially “Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns”. He had already heard about them before Blaise and I asked him if they were going to still be in town on Monday night.

......Blaise Sisson, Gino Vannelli and Steve Tuminello.

I asked Sandin to tell Gino to please not stay away so long this time or his fans will be going through some serious withdrawals if we don’t get to experience that natural high and memories that his timeless music brings to his audiences.

“My music appeals to people who are progressive, who value the music, and who will put up with someone who’s self centered”, he told the Chicago Tribune in 1975. “My audience comprises of people who like to be dared to dig it” .

Gino, we dig it !!!

P.S. Rumor has it that Gino Vannelli will be back this year in a larger venue for an extended engagement.

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