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25 July 2013
Teatro Metropólitan Av Independencia 90, Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06050 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

The very first picture of Gino Vannelli in Mexico City:
Gino Vannelli roaming the streets of Mexico City

The SECOND picture of Gino Vannelli in Mexico City:
Gino Vannelli roaming the roofs of Mexico City


The very first impressions of Maru after Gino Vannelli's concert in Mexico-City:

(1): WWWWOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! by Maru Camilli
Oh sweet angels!!!!! I should have done something good in my life, because what I lived today goes beyond everything I could have wished ever.

When my husband and I were parking the car as we arrived to the Metropolitan Theatre, Said stoped right next to us, we arrived together. It seemed we were synchronized. We walked to the main entrance and Said asked the police at the door if the soundcheck had began, she said she didn't know, Said asked her if there was another access to the theatre and she told us there was another door in the back of the theatre. We walked and walked and there was another police. My husband told her: We are here for the soundcheck, we know Ross Vannelli. She communicated to someone and she said we had to wait. No one answered and she said, One of you can go and ask for authorization, so I got in and I could listen music, Gino's music, so I entered, there was the man at the piano, the bassist and Reinhardt. I sat down and when I saw Ross not running, I got close and said to him: Hi Ross, this is Maru Camilli, he extended his arms and huged me!!! I told him this hug comes from Barend and Trees and he said "Yes, I got their message". I asked him if i was Ok if my husband and my friend came in and he said "Yes of course, it's OK". I went to the police at the door and told her what Ross had said, but she needed someone to tell her in the radio. She recommended me to look for someone called Manuel, I went to ask for him, told him we were Ross' guests and he had authorized us 3 to be at the soundcheck. Manuel said I had to talk to the event's promotor and I told him: Mr. Ricardo Valencia? And he said yes yes, he's right over there. I went to him and told him: we are three Ross' guests and he has authorized us to be at the sound check, he turned to a desk behind him, took 3 "CREW ALL ACCESS" ID's and gave them to me. So we were in!!!!!

We couldn't believe everything happened so easy. Before we arrived, we were nervous, we didn't really know what to expect, and suddenly we were seated listening to heavenly music. When Gino steped on stage my spirit was flying, you were there, in my mind and in my heart. Tears rolled on my face and I was shaking, such an emotional moment for me. I looked at Said and he was crying too.

We listened to fragments of almost all the songs, in three different times there was so much joy in my soul that I had to let it go with some tears, those were unforgettable moments! I couldn't believe what I was living!!!

Said, my husband and I went to the Hilton (later we found out it was Gino's hotel) for a nice and relaxed meal, we were talking about our experiences and Oh my God how much we talked about you, remembering you, thanking you.

It was almost 7:30 and we walked to the Theatre, there was a lot of people, some making row to enter, some buying tickets, everybody happy for Gino's return. Inside the theatre we found some good old friends and cousins, surprised because I didn't know they liked Gino. I met Roberto, I met another fan I contacted from youtube (he thanked me again for the info about Gino's concert), my sisters arrived and they looked so happy too, it was like a big party!!!! I bought a poster because who bought some of the official merchandise, would get an autograph or picture.

The concert was SPECTACULAR, He started with Storm at sunup, sooooooo nice!!! the new arrangement of "Fly into this night" is out of this world. I enjoyed like crazy of every song. People went wild, we stand up several times for an applause after some of his songs. I was dancing in my seat almost all night, my sister told me she had some footage of me screaming and dancing. It was a dream come true. And I thanked you again for being my friends and thanked God to letting me live what I was living.

Gino was surprised of people's reaction, he looked so excited, he was constantly smiling, he let people get close to stage and shook hands and fans were soooooo excited too.

At the end of the concert we approached to Ross to thank him, to tell him the concert was amazing, he said that Gino did it fantastic and I told him his job was perfect too, that I knew what he did for the show was so important. He told us we could make row and shake hands with Gino. Said and I were returning to our seats when I found Laura, Mary Lou's friend. We took a picture and she said she was going to look for Ross, to see if she could get a picture with Gino. We followed her to the backstage, and as easy as that, we were there, then Gino appeared, he recognized Laura, huged her, then I told him my name, asked him for a picture, my husband took it and I was so shocked about how everything happend in that way, as if someone was next to me, helping me to get everything I had dreamed for this July 25th, one of the happiest days of my life!!!!!!

This day took my breath away, I feel an undescribable peace, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to write to you my first impressions. I'm starting to feel tired, sleepy, but sooooooo satisfied, soooooo thankful and soooo blessed.

God bless you and keep you spreading happiness all over the world!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
My deepest respect and love for you both.
Maru, your friend forever.....

Gino Vannelli & Maru dated 25 July 2013

A manual slide-show with 15 pictures from Maru
and her Husband Javier all made on this great day in Mexico city:

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(2): After 20 years... by Riva Palacio Alonso Roberto
Dear Barend and Trees, I just wanted to share with you that I have already traveled 800kms just to achieve one objective: enjoy a Gino Vannelli’s concert. This will be my first Gino’s concert in more than 20 years, so as you can imagine, I am very excited. Im sure this will be an unforgettable experience for many of us here in Mexico. Greetings! Roberto Riva Palacio

It was an amazing journey! Definitively Gino at his best!
The band was really good and sounds spectacular! There must have been around 3,000 people; all of them singing and enjoying. You could see Gino really enjoying the show and the audience. I think he will have a good memory from this concert. I loved the new arrangements to the all-time favorite songs. I was amazed that at 61 years old he can still pull those high notes.

It is almost 2am and I really should go to sleep to catch an airplane tomorrow morning, but before say goodbye, I am sending the first 2 pictures and the set list that I remember at this moment in no particular order:

  1. Storm at sun up/Flying into this night
  2. A little bit of Judas
  3. Living inside myself
  4. Wild horses
  5. Hurts to be in love
  6. Persona non grata
  7. Black cars
  8. Stop
  9. A good thing
  10. Appaloosa
  11. Canto
  12. Brother to brother
  13. People gotta move
  14. Venus envy
  15. Gino Vannelli's mic minutes before starting the show in Mexico City

    Roberto in front of the Teatro Metropólitan with this going to a GINO VANNELLI concert smile!

    Ok the last 2 pics for today, I promise. Minutes before entering (can you see my big smile?) and minutes before the mic is taken by Gino.

    (3): GINO VANNELLI arrived! by RG
    GINO VANNELLI arrived!

    What has also arrived is the latest great band of musicians. This edition brings you Joy! Gino Vannelli and this band helping you keep up with the hottest music trends and ensuring you know which songs will change your life forever. What a joy in Mexico City. B&T because we treasure your loyalty and your passion for all GINO VANNELLI matters and to celebrate Gino's arrival in Mexico, this July month we want to thank you for your site which gives people a chance to visit a GINO VANNELLI concert, Knowledge is power! So people around the world get hold of this info site and in-depth analysis about Gino's work and give yourself a chance to go to a Gino Vannelli concert. Last month, one lucky person like me could buy a ticket and it was worth every penny and every drop of sweat on my work to save money for this great event, it was such a joy and a dream come true and my head is still spinning with all the impressions - Next time it might be your turn to go to GINO VANNELLI!

    (4): A FEW SHORT-LINERS from Mexican people who tried to e-mail in the English language:
    ~ As you can imagine, every minute of the concert is constantly doing some rounds in my head and I would really love to have it on a DVD. Do you know if Gino is planning to film any concert on this tour or if here is already a DVD of it? Kind Regards!

    ~ Still drunk of Gino!!!! I'm glad someone else is writing!!!! And I love Roberto's picture with Gino's mic in first place!!!!


    ~ Gino did sign several CD's for the fans who bought CD's just before the concert started. People wanted to get it signed by Gino at the end.

    ~ I woke up with a smile on my face and it turned much bigger after reading the concert reviews !!!! I'm enjoying of every second of what I'm feeling!!!!

    (5): An e-mail from ROSS VANNELLI:
    The people, the promoter, the agent, the venue, the show.....all wonderful !! Maru was very sweet ! I am very proud of Gino... a great performer, always gives so much of himself ! Hugs, Ross

    (6): An e-mail from Said:
    When I woke up, the day after the concert, I realize Gino, like wine, gets better with the years. He has arrived to perfection. And I was thinking about all these 70's artists, that have made "Last tour". They should see Vannelli first before even thinking about doing it. It is hard to keep on this high level for so many years.

    Ross is an excellent sound engineer. The theatre is not the best in acoustic, and he made a great job. Sound was PERFECT.

    The band is from another galaxy! I found many musicians attending. I spoke with some of them, and they agree with me: Vannelli is indescribable. Before the show, I had the opportunity to be on the sound check. I was sitting alone at 8th row, and I begun to hallucinate that Gino was singing just to me...and couldn't resist to cry. My dear friend Maru Camilli was at the back, she was in shock.

    After the show, I had the opportunity to be backstage with my wife Bianca, Maru and Javier. We get to be with Gino for a while. All these thanks to: Barend, Trees and Maru.
    I will always be thankful to you for making this moment come true.
    Hugs, Said

    Said, Gino, Bianca and Ross Vannelli

    A double automatic slide-show with 5 pictures each so 10 pictures in total, pictures made by Said and his Wife Bianca: Put the mouse-arrow on the picture and the slide-show stops, get your mouse-arrow off the picture and the slideshow goes on and on...

    (7): An e-mail from Helen: Re: Gino Vannelli...
    My family and I enjoyed Gino concert, as always a very professional person with a great voice.
    We would like to come back soon, as his performance was little less than two hours.
    The Metropolitan theater was full, people gladly received him and did not want to leave. ¡Gino Vannelli come back soon!!!!!!!!!!

    (8): A message from a Mexican Gino Vannelli fan.
    A quick note!

    Hello dear friends!
    One of the fans says he waited for Gino until he left the theatre, in the back door, and that Gino kindly asked the driver to stop the car to give an autograph to this fan, and he is so thankful. He says Gino is a biiiig human being too, besides an extraordinary artist!!!
    So, I'm having beautiful moments among all the problems surrounding us in this Crazy Life!!!!
    Looooooove!!!!! Love for Gino Vannelli's concert

    (9): A message from an American Gino Vannelli fan.
    Re: Gino in Mexico!

    Thank you for posting the pictures and reviews from Mexico City. Maru's picture is so beautiful and her smile says it all. Not being able to attend the show....it helps to read all the happiness from other Gino fans who had the pleasure to be in the audience.

    I spoke briefly to my friend Laura yesterday and she said the concert was awesome and the fans were wild like the 70's. It made me so happy to hear that the show was Sold Out and the fans really appreciated Gino and the band. Gino so deserves it and let me not forget to mention Ross who makes everything come together for these shows. They really are Brother to Brother and it is so endearing to watch them work together and the love and respect they have for each other. Such a beautiful thing to see this brotherly love and the way Ross is so protective of Gino.
    Thanks for the updates and have a beautiful weekend, Mary Lou

    (10): A message from Maru and her Sisters in Mexico City.
    Re: Gino concert!

    OH MY DEAR LORD!!!!!!! Beautiful things keep happening!!!!!! The slide-show is fantastic!!!!! My eyes got wet again when I read Ross' message!!!!!!!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS TO YOU!!!!!!!

    We've just arrived home from a tour to the Teotihuacan Pyramids and dinner with my Spaniard brother in law and the whole family. I immediatelly opened my e-mail and your website and my heart's beating fast with the new info. So with the family reunion I could meet my sisters again after the concert and they are soooooo happy too. My sister Silvana showed me several videos at her i-phone. She'll ask her husband to help her to download them to the computer to send them to me and you'll have them as soon as I have them. She enjoyed the show very much and she loved specially Appaloosa's version, Canto with just the piano and Gino's voice, A good thing and Venus envy. And my sister MaryCarmen mentioned: His voice is absolutelly as beautiful as always and he sang many of my favourites.

    Oh I feel soooooooo good. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE MADE POSSIBLE FOR ME!!!! I can't believe how many wonderful moments I'm having!!!! I still feel I'm dreaming and the joy in my heart keeps me smiling all day long!!!!! Many kisses and hugs, Maru & Sisters.

    (11): Persona non gratta
    I've found new youtube videos!!! This one was uploaded by Carlos Vergara, the trumpet player , one of the two musicians who was in Gino's band!!! I've left him a comment. If I get a reply, I'll let you know!!!

    Good morning!
    I think Mexico's show page looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and enthusiasm. I wish many mexican fans would write, but at least I feel good that many can read!

    Previously, I had commented I took a look at youtube and I found some videos uploaded by mexican fans. I copied people's reactions to what they saw. So here's what I found (everything's in Spanish, but I've already translated them):

    Hi Carlos how are you?
    First, congratulations, because you’re a great musician and because you were part of the band performing with super talented Gino Vannelli, I admire him from the first time I heard him singing, back in 1974. I could record just fragments of the songs. I took my modest Sony Cybershot camera. I supposed I was not going to have chance to make some scenes, but anyway I took it, in case I could take some pictures. But when the show began, there was a lot of people with their cell phones and tablets capturing some moments, so I took the most I could. Are you Mexican? Where are you from? How did you do to be part of Gino’s band? I want to keep in touch with you. Greetings.

    Hey guys I’d love to see all the show… I was there, I waited for him in the back door until he got out from the Theatre, He said hello, we joked, he gave me an autograph and we shook hands… Unbelievable… He`s a great person. I’ve followed his career since 1974. By the way, I could greet Carlos Vergara at the same door. Greetings from Oaxaca.

    Hi Did you record all Gino’s show? I’m the trumpet player and I’d love to have some material. We could get in touch.

    It was unbelievable. A living legend!!

    Gino Vannelli at the meet and greet in Mexico City 25 July 2013 WOOOOOW I WAS THERE AND I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED. HAHAHA THANKS FOR SHARING.

    It was an amazing show, Thanks for sharing.

    Sublime and exciting, I’ve just seen him and I want him back from the bottom of my heart. His voice keeps perfect.

    Thanks for sharing, It was unbelievable to see him again!

    What can I say? I thank the opportunity to see him for the second time, Amazing Gino Vannelli, you gave us a high quality show, with great sensitivity and at the end of the concert I could greet him and take a picture with him, my big dream came true. Thank you Gino!!!!

    It was a privilege to enjoy in my hometown, of the Voice Master, with an interpretive power and overwhelming sensitivity, showing off his vocal skills and making our hearts beat fast. Thank you for sharing this small but beautiful part of the show, of the great experience we had the chance to live.

    One of the best days of my life!!!!! It was stunning!!!!

    Awesome show!!!! It was marvelous!!!! Unforgettable night!!!!

    Yes, it was fantastic, his voice sound as always. It’s a shame he didn’t sing “Lady”

    Splendid night, privileged night, his voice is perfect.

    Thank you for uploading.. It was an unforgettable night.

    Bravo Carlos!!!! What a band, It was a great event, have you checked all the videos I uploaded? It’s a privilege to play with Gino…. Congratulations…. By the way, I could greet you at the Theatre’s back door… Congratulations Master!!!

    Excellent concert Carlos, I was there and I loved it, you played well….. Greetings


    Well, I think the job's done. I feel satisfied to give a little help to my lovely friends.
    I hope many people will send you their pictures and you post them in your website.
    Thank you to let me be part of this beautiful adventure, I've enjoyed so much doing this.
    'Till next Gino's show in my country.
    Proudly reporting from Mexico City: Maru Camilli THANK YOU GINO, THANK YOU ROSS, THANK YOU BAREND & TREES!!!! I LOVE YOU DEEPLY GUYS!!!!

    Gino Vannelli in Mexico City 25 July 2013

    Bienvenido Maestro Vannelli!!!

    GINO VANNELLI live on stage

    Gino Vannelli in Mexico City 25 July 2013 Our Journalist/Correspondent in Mexico : Maru Camilli, the biggest GINO VANNELLI fan in Mexico!!!

    Mexico City (in Spanish: Ciudad de México, D.F., Distrito Federal, México or Méjico) is the capital city of Mexico. It is the most important economic, industrial and cultural center in the country, and the most populous city with over 8,836,045 inhabitants...


    PRE-FUN 1): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated 10 May 2013 with the subject: GINO IN MEXICO!!!!!!

    My two sweet angels:
    Hello!!!!! I'm HAPYY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!
    After you told me about the posible concert in Mexico, I was checking your website, Gino's official website, Ticketmaster and through the internet "Gino Vannelli in Mexico" daily. At Ticketmaster, there was an old picture of Gino next to the sentence "We are sorry no Gino Vannelli event in the future". But tonight (here's where fanfares sound) there was an actual Gino picture and the information for a Concert at "Teatro Metropolitan" next July 25th, 9 P.M. And of course, I bought 2 tickets immediatelly, I called my dear friend Said and he did the same. So, I'm happily waiting wit a lot of excitement for the date to arrive. Now I'm writing to you, I'm realizing that my sister who lives in Spain, will be in Mexico for a month from July 6, so I'll call her to see if she wants to join us. What a gift for Mother's Day!!!! (We celebrate it on May 10th). Here's Ticketmaster's link, in case you want to share it with the world

    Thank God for blessing me with beautiful people like you on earth!!!!! I know you know how I'm feeling, perhaps this night will be a sleepless one because of the emotions. A big big kiss, hugs and deep THANK YOU for all you do!!!!
    Happy Maru.

    PRE-FUN 2): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated 11 May 2013 with the subject: We bought tickets for GINO IN MEXICO!!!!!!

    Hello my dear friends:
    Yesterday I spoke to my sister Mary Carmen who lives in Barcelona. She and her family will be visiting us for one month. They'll arrive to Mexico on July 6th, I told her about Gino's concert and she said YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of course I want to go!!!!!!! It's the first time she'll attend to a Gino performance, so she was really excited about it. We bought tickets, we have very nice seats (row 8), my friend Said bought his tickets next to mine, and we are happily crazy about all this. Last night I checked ginov.com and they've published the concert too.

    I am looking for mexican Gino fans through youtube, letting them know about the concert, I have an answer thanking me so much for the news. I'll keep doing this to share happiness with other mexican Gino fans, in case they don't visit your website or ginov.com. There's a nice mexican woman I met thanks to your website, she lives in Puebla, it's about 2.5 hours from Mexico City, I've told her about the concert too and she'll do her best to be here. It feels soooooo good to read Gino Vannelli, 2013 and Mexico City together!!!!!!
    Thank you very much and I wish you to spend a wonderful weekend.

    PRE-FUN 3): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated 13 May 2013 with the subject: Links & GINO IN MEXICO!!!!!!

    Hello dear friends:
    Well, my HARD WORK (ha ha ha) has begun. I'm attaching the links where there are news about Gino's concert.

    Mexico news...


    All 3 articles mention the same, but it's nice to see advertisings about THE GREAT EVENT, that's making me smile all day long. These are a little bit different:

    Once I printed my tickets, I noticed a line that says "brought to you by Here's the link, go to the bottom of the page, and see what you'll find!!!

    I promise to translate the articles.
    I started listening to Richradio this morning, and I was very happy to listen to "POWERFUL PEOPLE". I'll try to get in touch with Ricardo Valencia, the director of the website, I'll let you know how things go.
    By the moment, it's all I've investigated. But be sure I'll keep digging in my pasion: "Gino's music"
    Kisses and hugs!!!!

    PRE-FUN 4): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated 25 May 2013 with the subject: MORE GINO IN MEXICO!!!!!!

    You know what I'm doing is not really a HARD WORK, it's a joke, because for me it's A LOT OF FUN, PLEASURE AND PURE JOY!!!!

    I have already "sold" more tickets. Well, not really sold directly, but I'm promoting Gino's conceret, I want a sold out Concert!!! I told you I contacted people from Mexico at youtube, at least 3 of them have bought 6 tickets, 2 cousins with their couples will be there too, Said Macari and his girlfriend are going too, my sister who comes next July and other of my sisters has joined us.

    There's a man who has a profesional audio equipment company, sometimes we work together in some events and I called him to ask him if he was going to provide with equipment to the Teatro Metropolitan, because if so, maybe I could go to the soundcheck, but unfortunatelly he told me he did in the past, but the venue has its own equipment but he said: "Thanks for the information, my wife likes Gino very much, so I'll buy our tickets". I feel so satisfied to give people the chance to know Gino wil be in Mexico, and read or listen to their reaction makes my heart smile!!!

    The internet radio station "Richradio" has published that two "traditional" radio stations called "Red 88.1" and "Universal Stereo 92.1" have joined to the promotion of the show, so here are the links to this radio stations, for you to watch the publicity:

    I'll try to translate the promos of the links in my previous e-mail, and I'll send'em to you asap. But take it easy, you need to rest first. I wish you tranquility and peace in this weekend. Bunches of hugs and kisses and I'm the one who thank you for all you do for me!!!
    Love, Maru.

    PRE-FUN 5): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated the 1st of June 2013 with the subject: Love, peace and Gino's music!!!!!

    Hello!!!!! So honoured to see what you wrote about the Mexico's concert web page!!! Be sure I'll do my best for not to dissappoint you. As you can imagine, I've been talking to Said offtenly, now that we know Gino is coming to Mexico. Thank you so much for posting my birthday wish!!! I'll work in the articles' translation to e-mail it to you very soon!
    I've been listening to richradio.com Mexico and there's a promo recorded by Gino, saying He waits for us on July 26, maybe that was the first date they had in mind, but it will be July 25. It was awesome to listen Gino. He said too: Stay tuned for more information.
    Sooooo excited with this pre-fun. You know something? You are the most reliable source of information about Gino. I'm suscribed to ginov.com website, and they haven't sent the info for Mexico's Concert. Once again, if there was not for your UNBELIEVABLE website, maybe I couldn't have gone to see him. MY TWO SWEET ANGELS I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU!!!! Thank you very much for all you do and we'll keep in touch. Kisses from Mexico City. Love, peace and Gino's music!!!!! Maru.

    PRE-FUN 6): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated the 7th of June 2013 with the subject: Translation

    Reporting from a very hot day in Mexico City!!!!!

    I see you've been working hard, doing a great job with this Mexico City's concert new section of your website As promised, here we go with the translation of the articles in the internet I mentioned in my previous e-mail. As I'd told you, three of them, say the same, as follows: Media 1 English - Media 3 English.

    I sent you 2 other links, they are a little bit different from the first three, and here's the translation: Media 3 English.

    I've been listening to richradio.com and there's a spot recorded by Gino Vannelli, inviting fans to join him next July 25th, it was so nice to hear his voice!!! I've catched it only twice.

    Hey!!!!!!! Surprise!!!! I'm listening to Gino's spot right now!!!!!! What a luck!!!!! He says "Stay tuned at richradio for more information" too, I had forgotten. My heart smiled!!!!!
    Well, as more news are coming, I'll let you know.
    Have a very nice weekend!!!! Kisses and hugs from your happy friend in Mexico City.

    PRE-FUN 7): E-mail from Roberto (RR) in Monterrey, Mexico dated the 8th of June 2013 with the subject: Gino Vannelli returns to Mexico

    Dear Barend and Trees, thank you for your comments and below please find some links regarding Gino’s return to Mexico city and a few comments posted by Gino’s fans in Ticketmaster (in a rough English translation):

    I had the chance to see him five years ago with my brother in Las Vegas. It was his birthday and I think musically hit him where he likes: Gino Vannelli. Buy a ticket Back Stage Red Mat. Incredible experience. Show sing and move on stage right beside us was incredible, but to shake his hand and take some pictures with him was the best. Unfortunately we frustrated him in the Jazz Festival in Playa del Carmen 2009 by a family accident, but there are always new opportunities and this is very good. Their discography has shaped my musical life indelibly. Recommended 1000%. Do not miss the show that is heard live Brother to Brother, Crazy Life, Appalosa, Wild Horses, Weels Of Life, Night Walker, I Just Wanna Stop, etc.. You name it! Do not miss it. For myself clear that I'll be there.
    Posted by Ricamgo

    In addition to presenting 2 times at the Teatro Angela Peralta, Gino Vannelli did two shows at the then Hotel Crowne Plaza in 1991. They were really great shows. In June 2009 was presented in the "Riviera Maya Jazz Festival", at a concert on the beach, outdoors, in the "Mamita's Beach Club". We had thousands of fans enjoying a spectacular presentation. Some we arrived very early, we had a chance to see three hours of rehearsal, which was a plus for those who admire this great artist. The quality of the musicians and Gino, are out of this world, everything is perfect. They take care of all the details. His brother Ross is the sound engineer and also does an impeccable job. It is amazing to see him again!
    Posted by Maru C

    His fans were expecting this coming 20 years! For us it is a great surprise and a visit of Gino desired. His music has evolved with different styles and their quality has improved through the years. For us it will be a delight to listen to and enjoy and sing along with him his musical repertoire. Very happy with his coming!
    Posted by Gabriela J

    Ticketmaster in Mexico: Gino Vannelli returns to Mexico - Gino is presented in concert on July 25 at the Teatro Metropolitan.
    A career of great achievement - Three Grammy nominations - Five gold records - Two platinum - 1’600,000 copies sold and still counting... - Enjoy all the hits from this great artist live ...
    Gino Vannelli in Mexico ...

    Links: Universal Mexico - Golden Classics Mexico - Voyalconcierto dot com Mexico
    Pulsopolitico Mexico - Sinembargo Mexico.

    PRE-FUN 8): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated the 9th of June 2013 with the subject: Gino! Gino! Gino!

    Hello my dear friends:
    It's nice to read about the man who comes from Monterrey! I've read about someone who comes from another state of our country, Tabasco.

    As I don't have a facebook (I'm a little bit like you about this "old fashion" style hahaha) it's difficult to get into someone's facebook, only if they have some kind of "open" account, or I don't know how to call it, otherwise you cannot get in. Through Ticketmaster, you can see via facebook, who's going to the concert, and there's a man named Roberto who is going to the concert. I remember I saw his name in your website a long time ago. I wonder if he is the one from Monterrey you mention.

    You know something? When I discovered your website (I can't remember how long ago it was, but I'm sure it's more than 10 years ago!!!) I decided to visit it all the way long. I organized how I was going to do it and not to miss anything, it took me several weeks, because of my job, husband and kids, I couldn't give it as much time as I would have liked. I wanted to find out if there were more mexican fans, and I found some at your guestbook, I wanted to e-mail those whose e-mail address was available, it's how I met a great woman (Paty, the one who's living now in Puebla and will try to make it for the concert), and there's where I saw Roberto's name too, but there was no e-mail address, so I couldn't contact him.

    I was amazed and soooooo happy to have the chance to read all you had written and all the pictures and fan's comments and all the beautiful work. And since then, you've been feeding my spirit with wonderful feelings. Your website goes right to my heart!!! And seeing I'm part of it makes me feel sooooo good. THANK YOU!!!! I can't believe it, as I'm writing to you, I'm listening to richradio and I've heard Gino's spot again!!! Coincidence??? Let's call it as we want, but it's nice! Before I opened my e-mail, I went to your website and I see you've posted the translations!!! You work fast and hard! I wish you a great new week and we'll keep in touch. It's so nice for me to have news from you!
    Love, Maru.

    PRE-FUN 9): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated the 12th of June 2013 with the subject: Gino! & RR

    Hi!!! It was a nice surprise to see Roberto wrote for Mexico's Concert!!! I wish many Mexican fans would, but I'm affraid not a lot of people digs in the internet enough to get information about topics they're interested in. I really enjoyed reading his words. Just for the records, there was a little mistake. The comment he says was posted by Gabriela J, is mine. And the third one is from Gabriela, but never mind, it's OK, no problem with me, THE GOOD THING is somebody else wrote!!! And I'm happy with it!!! (The editors changed this!)

    Of course I would like you to give Roberto my e-mail address, and if he wants, he can write to me, and maybe we can meet at the concert, and talk about you and your "Shameless Devotion to Gino Vannelli". The two Mexican people I met through your website, are lovely friends of mine. Said Macari and Patricia Ugarte are beautiful people and we have some years of friendship thanks to you! The other good friend is Mary Lou Piecyk, so besides Gino's music, activities and news you give us good friends!!!! What else can we ask for? Oh yes, I could go on and on too, I like soooo much writing to you and get large e-mails from you. I know it's not always possible because of all your activities besides the huge work in your fan site. OK here I stop, because I want to go and see how's ticket sales (I know I'm crazy, but I love to see the number of sold seats is growing daily).
    Lots of Love from Mexico City.

    PRE-FUN 10): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated Friday the 14th of June 2013 with the subject: One more comment...

    Hello sweet people:
    The comments Roberto sent you, are posted at Ticketmaster's website, where we can buy tickets, we can write some words. There's one more. As a matter of fact, it was the first person writing there, and it's an emotional story:

    He visited Mexico for the first time, back in 1991 performing at the "Angela Peralta Theatre" (located at Polanco). I remember I was 3 years old when my parents took me to his concert. When the show was over, we got close to the stage and I vaguely remember Gino hold me and kissed me. I grew up with his music, exceeding my parents as Gino's fan. We resign thinking he was never coming back to our country, my father was specially interested in watching him in concert again, unfortunately my father passed away 7 months ago and he won't be there, but I will definitely be there to sing all his songs. He is an exceptional musician/singer/composer.

    PRE-FUN 11): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated Saterday the 15th of June 2013 with the subject: Gino bus

    My dear friends:
    I checked "richradio facebook",and I found a picture that unfortunatelly I don't know how to copy or make an attachment to this e-mail, but it says: First Gino Bus. If you want to get there, it's an "open" account and you can watch, it's not necessary that you have a facebook. It's a normal passengers' bus, driving in the city, but it has on its whole "body" printed publicity. It looks fantastic!!! Take a look.

    Gino Vannelli bus drives through Mexico City

    There I can see too, many new logos of radio stations that have joined to promote Gino's concert. Here are the links: alfa 91.3 FM This radio station is the one I listen too, when I'm in my way from home to the office. The announcer is a young man with a special meaning of life. He's very possitive and hilarious.

    OK there's more:
    mix fm The comment is the same I've translated previously. I'm sorry but I can't identify the other logos and they're small, I cannot read them. I'll keep digging and as I get more info, I'll send it to you. Ticket sales is continuous. Not very fast, but every day there are less available seats. I wish they will all be sold soon and have a Friday concert!!!!
    Greetings from a cloudy morning in Mexico City.

    PRE-FUN 12): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated Friday the 21st of June 2013 with the subject: A couple of concerts?

    Hi!!! Yes I've listened to the interview and it's something amazing too. What a great interview!!!
    I'm shocked, because at 2'48" He says he's coming to Mexico for "a couple of concerts" WHAT???? Oh my God, if so, I want to know to buy the tickets for the next day!!! I had told Said that maybe there would be a second show, knowing his first will be on Thursday, so I pray I'm not wrong. The venue He'll give the concert at, is busy for July 26th, let's wait to have more news about it. I loved the questions Scoot did and the answers Gino gave, Such an enjoyable piece to listen to!!! Thank you for all this accurate update!!!
    Love from a rainy night in Mexico City

    PRE-FUN 13): E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated Sunday the 1st of July 2013 with the subject: New coment at Ticketmaster...

    Hi friends:
    As you can remember, Roberto sent you the translation of the four comments at "Ticketmaster Mexico" from people who has bought Gino's concert tickets. There's one more, there's a picture too, so I'm sending the link, I didn't copy and paste it, because for a strange reason, the picture dissappears, and as I want you to watch it, I decided to send you better the link and immediatelly, the translation: (There's no name, it's anonymous)


    The Joy Theater - New Orleans, LA - sáb 15 jun 2013
    Hi, I'm nicely surprised, this was the first time I saw Gino in concert, I have all his CDs, I know all his discography, and with this I mean I have memorized in my head every intro, chords, chorus, and for my surprise, I could notice no difference, well there are differences because he sang live versions, but essentially he sounds just like in his CDs. It was a great event in a nice venue.

    His own naturalness make him even bigger, his stage management is unbelievable, you can feel the connection with him from the very first moment, the song list was absolutely right.

    I had the opportunity to go backstage for an autograph and photo session and He is so down to earth. I was so nervous to meet him, but he treated me as if we were old time friends.

    I mean I really recommend his show.
    So long!!!!

    Favorite moment: When all the audience sang Happy Birthday to him.
    Tickets sale is gooooooood.

    New Gino Vannelli news PRE-FUN 14):
    E-mail from Maru Camilli in Mexico City dated Sunday the 14th of July 2013 with the subject: New feature & Translation Media 5

    Hi friends!
    We're closer!!!!
    So happy and excited.

    We're closer to the BIG DAY!!!! I'm as happy as I can be!!!!!
    Warm greetings from Mexico!!!!

    (before the concert)

    Media 1 Spanish: sinembargo.mx

    Hoy domingo 09 de junio de 2013 sinembargo.mx
    México, 9 May. (Notimex).- El cantautor canadiense Gino Vannelli se presentará por primera vez en esta ciudad el 25 de julio próximo, y hará un recorrido por los temas que integran sus más de tres décadas de trayectoria artística.

    Al respecto de su concierto en el Teatro Metropólitan, el cantante señaló en un comunicado de prensa: “Estoy emocionado, me escriben muchos fans de México y he escuchado que es un gran público”. Por lo que Vannelli ha preparado un espectáculo integrado por los temas con los que despuntó en la década de los años 70, en la cual lanzó álbumes como: “Crazy life”, “Powerful people”, “Storm at sunup”, “Gist of the gemini”, “Pauper in Paradise” y “Brother to brother”, entre otros.

    Aunque su carrera la comenzó en el ámbito del jazz, Gino Vannelli ganó gran reconocimiento por sus éxitos pop, entre los que figuran “Wild horses”, “Hurts to be in love”, “I just qanna be stop” y “Black cars”, por citar algunos. El cantante ha prometido una noche inolvidable en la cual el público podrá comprobar porque es considerado un ícono del jazz-rock, en virtud de su potente voz y los arreglos orquestales efectuados por su hermano Ross.

    Media 1 English: sinembargo.mx

    Mexico City, May 9th (Notimex).- Canadian Singer/songwriter Gino Vannelli will be in Mexico City for the first time, next July 25th, he’ll sing the songs he’s been recording for more than three decades of artistic career.

    The singer commented in a press release: “I’m very excited, many Mexican fans write to me and I’ve heard they’re a great audience”.

    Vannelli has prepared a show where he’ll sing his 70’s hits, included in his albums “Crazy Life”, “Powerful People”, “Storm at Sunup”, “Gist of the Gemini”, “Pauper in Paradise” and “Brother to Brother” among others. Gino Vannelli became popular because of his pop hits like “Wild Horses”, “Hurts to be in love”, “I just wanna stop” and “Black Cars”, to mention some.

    The artist promises he’ll blow our minds away, fans will confirm why he’s considered a jazz-rock icon, with his powerful voice and orchestral arrangements by his brother Ross.

    Media 2 Spanish: México Migrante

    Gino Vannelli in New orleans 1976 You are here: Espectáculos :: Música :: Se presentará Gino Vannelli por primera vez en el DF
    Jueves, 09 de Mayo de 2013 18:22 México Migrante / Notimex
    Se presentará Gino Vannelli por primera vez en el DF

    Ciudad de México. - El cantautor canadiense Gino Vannelli se presentará por primera vez en esta ciudad el 25 de julio próximo.

    Gino Vannelli / Especial
    Al respecto de su concierto en el Teatro Metropólitan, el cantante señaló en un comunicado de prensa: "Estoy emocionado, me escriben muchos fans de México y he escuchado que es un gran público". Por lo que Vannelli ha preparado un espectáculo integrado por los temas con los que despuntó en la década de los años 70, en la cual lanzó álbumes como: "Crazy life", "Powerful people", "Storm at sunup", "Gist of the gemini", "Pauper in Paradise" y "Brother to brother", entre otros.

    Aunque su carrera la comenzó en el ámbito del jazz, Gino Vannelli ganó gran reconocimiento por sus éxitos pop, entre los que figuran "Wild horses", "Hurts to be in love", "I just qanna be stop" y "Black cars", por citar algunos. El cantante ha prometido una noche inolvidable en la cual el público podrá comprobar porque es considerado un ícono del jazz-rock, en virtud de su potente voz y los arreglos orquestales efectuados por su hermano Ross.

    Media 2 English: México Migrante

    You are here: Espectáculos :: Música ::
    9 May 2013 18:22 México Migrante / Notimex
    Canadian singer-composer Gino Vannelli will be in Mexico for the first time next July 25th.

    México. - Media 2 is some kind of mix between Media 1 & Media 3, here's the translation:
    The singer said in a Press Conference about his show at the Metropolitan Theatre: “I’m excited, many Mexican fans write to me and I’ve heard they’re a special audience” That’s why Vannelli has prepared a show with his greatest hits, the songs that made him famous in the 70’s, from his albums like “Crazy Life”, “Powerful People”, “Storm at Sunup”, “Gist of the Gemini”, “A Pauper in Paradise” and “Brother to Brother, among others.

    At the beginning of his career he was influenced by jazz, but he also released pop hits like “Wild horses”, “Hurts to be in love”, “I just wanna stop” and “Black Cars”. The singer has promised an unforgettable evening, he’ll show his audience why he’s considered a jazz-rock icon, because of his powerful voice and the orchestral arrangements made by his brother Ross.

    Media 3 Spanish: VoyalConcierto.com » Mexico»

    Gino Vannelli en México 2013: Concierto en México DF You are here : Fechas de Conciertos en Mexico y España | VoyalConcierto.com » Mexico» Gino Vannelli en México 2013: Concierto en México DF

    Gino Vannelli en México 2013: El Cantautor Canadiense Gino Vannelli se presenta por primera vez un concierto en la ciudad de México DF. Luego de 30 años interrumpidos de carrera y éxito. Ha llegado la noche en la que los seguidores de Gino Vannelli por fin podrán escuchar a su ídolo en vivo y a todo color. En un gran concierto en donde prepara un paquete de sus más grandes éxitos.

    La fecha programada para el concierto de Gino Vannelli en México DF es el día Jueves 25 de julio del 2013. Y el lugar predestinado para la presentación de Gino Vannelli en vivo es el Teatro Metropólitan. No te pierdas del talento de Gino Vannelli en vivo y corre cuanto antes por tus boletos para el concierto en México DF. Los boletos para el concierto de Gino Vannelli en México DF los puedes conseguir por medio de Ticketmaster.com.mx

    Gino Vannelli en México DF 2013
    Lugar: Teatro Metropólitan
    Fecha: Jueves 25 de Julio del 2013
    Boletos: Ticketmaster.com.mx
    Precio: $541.00 MX, $658.00 MX, $821.00 MX $1171.00 MX y $1447.00 MX
    Enlaces Patrocinados

    Media 3 English: VoyalConcierto.com » Mexico»

    Gino Vannelli in the 70's live on stage Gino Vannelli in Mexico City 2013: This is the first visit of Canadian Singer/songwriter Gino Vannelli to Mexico City. After 30 years of a successful career, Mexicans will have the chance to experience a live performance. It’s a great show, he’ll sing his biggest hits.

    Gino Vannelli’s concert will take place next Thursday July 25th, 2013, at Teatro Metropolitan, You can’t miss this spectacular event, enjoy Gino Vannelli’s talent, run for your tickets for the concert in Mexico City. Tickets for Gino Vannelli’s concert available at Ticketmaster.com.mx

    Gino Vannelli in Mexico City 2013.
    Venue: Teatro Metropolitan
    Date: Thursday July 25th, 2013
    Tickets: Ticketmaster.com.mx
    Prices: $541.00 MX, $658.00 MX, $821.00 MX $1171.00 MX y $1447.00 MX

    Media 4 Spanish: Informador.com Mexico

    Gino Vannelli festejará cumpleaños 61 en medio de gira musical

    Música | Cantantes | Giras
    Entre sus éxitos están ''Duele estar enamorado'', ''Autos negros'' y ''Sólo quiero detenerme''
    El cantante y compositor tiene agendadas presentaciones en Estados Unidos, México y Canadá

    CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (15/JUN/2013).- El cantante y compositor canadiense Gino Vannelli, quien alcanzó la fama con éxitos como "Duele estar enamorado", "Autos negros" y "Sólo quiero detenerme", cumplirá este domingo 61 años de vida vigente en la escena musical y con próximas presentaciones en Estados Unidos.

    El intérprete tiene agendadas varias fechas de aquí hasta finales de año, tiempo en el que visitará ciudades como Nueva Orleáns; además, tiene pactadas presentaciones en su país natal y en México.

    Gino Vannelli 2009 Gino Vannelli nació en Montreal, Quebec (Canadá) el 16 de junio de 1952. Criado en una familia musical, Vanelli comenzó desde pequeño a incursionar en el jazz y en la batería, la cual comenzó a tocar desde los cinco años.

    Su primer trabajo profesional fue con un grupo de percusionistas llamados Cobra, pero a los 14 años decidió incursionar en el canto, teniendo como influencias la música clásica compuesta durante el impresionismo francés.

    Pero fue hasta 1970 cuando encaró una trayectoria como solista, al grabar para la A&M Records, bajo la producción del trompetista Herb Alpert, su primer LP "Crazy life" (1973), a partir del cual se sucederían con algunos altibajos una decena de discos más.

    Entre su discografía se encuentran producciones como "Powerful people" (1974), "Storm at sunup" (1975), "Gist of the Gemini" (1976), "Pauper in paradise" (1977), "Brother to brother" (1978), "Nightwalker" (1981) y "Black cars" (1985). Así como "Big dreamers never sleep" (1987), "Inconsolable man" (1990), "Live in Montreal" (1991), "Yonder tree" (1995), "Slow love" (1998), "North sea jazz festival" (2002), "Canto" (2003), "These are the days" (2006), "A good thing" (2009) y "Stardust in the sand" (2009).

    Durante 2007, Vannelli desarrolló una intensa labor junto al pianista de jazz Michiel Borstlap, con quien ofreció una serie de conciertos en vivo y para la televisión en varios países del continente europeo. Desde el año 2008 trabaja en compañía del pianista Bert Van den Brink.

    En ese mismo año, en su búsqueda de nuevas imágenes sonoras y temas poéticos, Gino pasó largos periodos en los Países Bajos, pasando por la cultura, escuchando a los músicos holandeses y la formación de nuevas asociaciones, todas esas experiencias las recopiló en un libro-CD de poesía titulado "Best & Beyond", editado en 2009.

    También lanzó otro libro llamado "Stardust in the sand", un relato histórico y de sus anécdotas, en las que incluye la realización de su primer trabajo editorial.

    Ha sido nominado al Grammy gracias a "Living inside myself" y ha recibido en diversas ocasiones el Canada CRIA y el Juno Awards, como productor, ingeniero musical y Mejor Cantante Masculino del Año.

    Media 4 English: Informador.com Mexico

    Mexico City Jun 15, 2013. Canadian singer-composer Gino Vannelli, who became famous with hits like “IT HURTS TO BE IN LOVE”, “BLACK CARS” AND “I JUST WANNA STOP”, will be 61 years old next Sunday, and he’ll celebrate it performing in the US.

    He will be on tour for the rest of the year, visiting cities like New Orleans, Canada and Mexico.

    Gino Vannelli was born in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) on June 16, 1952. He was raised in a musical family. From a young age, Vannelli went into jazz, he started playing drums at age 5.

    His first group “Cobra” was based on percussions, when he was 14 he decided he wanted to sing, influenced by French Impressionism classical music.

    By 1970 he recorded at A&M Records, his first album “Crazy Life” (1973) was produced by Herb Alpert. From that, with some ups and downs 10 albums followed that first one. Some of his productions are “Powerful People” (1974), “Storm at sunup” (1975), “Gist lf the Gemini” (1976), “Pauper in paradise” (1977), “Brother to brother” (1978), “Nightwalker” (1981) and “Black Cars” (1985).

    “Big Dreamers never sleep” (1987), “Inconsolable Man” (1990), “Live in Montreal” (1991), “Yonder tree” (1995), “Slow love” (1998), “North sea jazz festival” (2002), “Canto” (2003), “These are the days” (2006), “A good thing” (2009) and “Stardust in the sand” (2009). Through 2007, Vannelli was working with jazz pianist Michiel Borstlap, touring and making tv shows in Europe. By 2008 he started working with pianist Bert Van den Brink.

    As restless as he is, looking for new sounds, Gino spent some time in the Netherlands, studying their culture, listening to Dutch musicians, performing with them, and all those experiences gave as result a poetry book-CD entitled “Best & Beyond”, published in 2009. He has another book “Stardust in the sand”, including stories and anecdotes.

    He has a Grammy nomination with his song “Living inside myself”, he has won the Canada CRIA in several occasions and a Juno Award as producer, musical engineer and Best male singer of the year.

    Media 5 Spanish: EstiloDF Mexico

    El legendario Gino Vannelli vuelve a México

    By Mariana Rosas Ugalde
    Legendario por temas como “Duele estar enamorado”, “Autos negros” y “Sólo quiero detenerme” durante los años 80, el cantante canadiense Gino Vannelli, de 61 años, regresa a tierra azteca después de casi 20 años de no presentar un concierto en nuestro país.

    “Hace más de 20 años que no vengo a México; la primera vez que vine hice promoción, un poco de turismo, y como seguro ya cambió llegaremos dos o tres días antes para recorrer la ciudad. Estoy enamorado de México, es un país mágico, con mucha cultura, y tan místico que no me quiero quedar con las ganas de recorrerlo”, comenta el músico.

    Este 25 de julio el cantautor originario de Quebec realizará una presentación en el Teatro Metropólitan con el propósito de dar el “show de su vida” para sus seguidores mexicanos. En entrevista con EstiloDF, Vannelli dio los pormenores de este recital en el que tendrá a la mejor banda de la Costa Oeste, como en la época de los 70.

    “Me siento nervioso por esta gira, pero emocionado de ver la respuesta de la gente. En el concierto tocaré alrededor de 20 canciones que marcaron el inicio de mi carrera hasta el día de hoy, trataré de cubrir cada disco; como tengo a los mejores músicos que jamás he tenido, invitaré a mi hermano, quien hace la producción del sonido, por lo que trataré de darle a la gente lo mejor que pueda tocar”.

    Aunque su auge fue a finales de los 80, Gino se encuentra actualizado de lo que acontece en la industria musical, por lo que está consciente de que con el tiempo no hay de otra más que renovarse y continuar.

    “Claro que hoy en día los sonidos han cambiado mucho, la tecnología ha evolucionado, pero estoy muy actualizado de lo que sucede. Por ejemplo, las redes sociales son importantes para mí porque me dan la oportunidad de convivir más de cerca con mis seguidores”.

    Reitera que se ha hecho aliado de la tecnología, misma que lo ayuda hoy en día con sus presentaciones, aunque no deja de lado lo que aprendió en la vieja escuela. “Es importante saber cómo hacer un buen show, la tecnología es una aliada fantástica, pero no es el elemento principal. Con la tecnología ayudas a lucir un espectáculo, pero debes sustentarlo en la música, y yo sé de música. Conozco de composición, de creación, por eso confío en que escucharán y verán algo muy balanceado y enriquecido”, finaliza.
    Publicado el 12 julio, 2013 en Música

    Media 5 English: EstiloDF Mexico

    Legendary Gino Vannelli comes back to Mexico

    By Mariana Rosas Ugalde
    He is legendary because of his 80’s hits “It hurts to be in love”, “Black cars” and “I just wanna stop”. Canadian singer 61 years old Gino Vannelli, comes back to Mexico after 20 years since his first concert in our country.

    “It’s been more than 20 years from my last visit to Mexico City, first time there, I visited some places and as I’m sure there are lots of changes, we’ll arrive two or three days before the concert to tour in the city. I love Mexico, it’s a magic country, with a huge culture, so mystic, I can’t wait to roam the city”

    Next July 25th, singer-writter, born in Quebec, will perform at the Teatro Metropolitan, He says he’s going to “blow Mexican fans’ minds away”. At this interview to EstiloDF, Vannelli said He has the best West Coast Band, as in the 70’s.

    “I’m a little bit nervous, but excited to see how Mexican fans react. We’ll play about 20 songs from the beginning of my career to my latest songs, I have the best musicians ever, my brother Ross is in charge of the Production and Sound Engineer, and we all will give the best we have”

    Although 80’s were Gino’s boom, he is continuously updating in the music industry.

    “Nowadays, technology has developed in a huge way, but I keep up to date. For example, social networks are important to me, this is the best way to be in touch with fans”.

    He says he takes advantage of technology, it’s a usefull tool; but the most important is to know how to make a good show, technology is a fantastic allied, it can help to make a good show, but the major element is music, and I know about music, composition, creativity; so I trust you’ll enjoy of what you’ll listen and see, pointed the artist.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 6 Spanish: Rotativo.com Mexico

    Complacerá Gino Vannelli a su público mexicano en el Metropólitan

    Gino Vannelli article in Diario Rotativo Publicado el 24 julio, 2013 - 19:26 by Diario Rotativo

    En breve conferencia de prensa, el músico detalló que los 20 años de ausencia con el público mexicano quedarán atrás, por lo que prometió un "show" completo, con los éxitos que lo dieron a conocer.

    México, 24 Jul. (Notimex). - El cantautor canadiense Gino Vannelli se encuentra en la Ciudad de México, para ofrecer este jueves un concierto en el Teatro Metropólitan, en donde mostrará su madurez musical en el escenario. En breve conferencia de prensa, el músico detalló que los 20 años de ausencia con el público mexicano quedarán atrás, por lo que prometió un “show” completo, con los éxitos que lo dieron a conocer.

    Aceptó que la música ha cambiado con el avance de la tecnología: “Puedo decir que estamos en otros tiempos y formas de dar a conocer lo que uno hace, antes en la época fuerte de mi carrera había que obedecer las peticiones de la radio, las disqueras, que buscaban incrementar el negocio, pero ahora con el internet es más libre la creatividad musical”, explicó.

    Gino Vannelli, originario de Quebec, abundó que la plataforma digital abrió las puertas para todos los artistas que buscan un contacto más cercano con el público: “No sólo se llega a cualquier parte del mundo, sino también perduramos, porque son muchas páginas que hablan de mí y de todos”.

    Incluso, afirmó que este tipo de comunicación le ayuda a mantener vigente su carrera musical. Respecto al Séptimo Arte, Gino Vanelli respondió que está por cerrar un contrato para hacer la música de una cinta, además de que está trabajando en la musicalización de dos obras de teatro.

    Gino Vannelli mencionó que se encuentra listo para su presentación de este jueves en el Metropólitan: “Hace 21 años vine y demostré que cuando vengo a trabajar me entrego al cien por ciento”.

    El músico estará acompañado de su banda conocida como West Coast, con la que realizará su “viaje espiritual”, como califica a cada uno de sus conciertos: “Ofrecer mi música es una aventura que traspasa culturas y fronteras”.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 6 English: Rotativo.com Mexico

    Gino Vannelli will please his mexican fans at the Metropolitan.

    In a short press conference, the artist said that 20 years of absence is enough, he promised a complete show, with his greatest hits.

    México, 24 Jul. (Notimex). - Singer/scomposer Gino Vannelli is in Mexico City for a concert tomorrow at the Metropolitan Theatre, the audience will enjoy of his musical maturity on stage. He said music has changed as technology has advanced, “I may say these are different times and there are new ways to introduce what I do; in the 70, s, 80’s it was necessary to obey to radio requests and record companies, who were always looking for profitable business, now with the internet, musical creativity is freer” he said.

    Gino Vannelli, who was born in Quebec, said that digital platform opened the gates of all those artists who look for a closer contact with the audience. “You can get to any part of the world and keep your place, and stay there over the years because there are many websites talking about me and about other artists”

    He also said that this kind of communication helps him to keep alive his musical career.

    Gino Vannelli said that he’s about to sign a contract to write a soundtrack, and he’s also working in the musicalization of two plays.

    Gino Vannelli says he’s ready for tomorrow show. “I came here 21 years ago and I proved my 100% commitment”. His “West Coast Band” will be with him in this “spiritual journey”, as he describes each one of his concerts. Sharing my music is an adventure that goes beyond cultures and boundaries”

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 7 Spanish: Reforma.com Mexico

    Trabaja Gino Vannelli en disco para 2014
    Manuel Tejeda

    Ciudad de México (24 julio 2013). - En su show en el Teatro Metropólitan, Gino Vannelli interpretará temas de su disco "The West Coast Band".

    Tras darle rienda suelta a la poesía y a nuevas versiones de sus éxitos, en sus más recientes proyectos, Gino Vannelli prepara nuevos temas para un disco inédito. "Los últimos discos que hice fue A Good Thing, hecho en Holanda y que grabé con muchos artistas, con un estilo más jazz y poético. Y también tengo The Best amd Beyond, que es un álbum de mis éxitos con nuevos arreglos", comentó el músico. "Pero ya trabajo en temas inéditos para un nuevo proyecto, que saldría en 2014. En él me di la oportunidad de hacer muchas cosas que nunca había hecho, como experimentar con instrumentos electrónicos y softwares interesantes". Un día antes de su presentación en el Teatro Metropólitan, donde ofrecerá el show de su último disco, junto a The West Coast Band, el canadiense aseguró estar emocionado de volver a México.

    "Tiene 20 años de que vine por última vez al País. Estaba nervioso por saber si a la gente le seguiría interesando mi propuesta, pero estoy seguro que sí. Además, me entusiasma que haya nuevas generaciones escuchándome", aseguró. Aunque le gustaría saber más sobre la cultura nacional, Vannelli señaló que no ha tenido tiempo de conocer los lugares representativos, así que espera tener un poco de tiempo para turistear por la República.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 7 English: The Reforma Newspaper
    (the most important in Mexico City).

    Thank you for publishing! I don’t know if you have this interview, but I am sending you in a rough translation. It was on the Reforma Newspaper (the most important in Mexico City). Unfortunately you have to pay to see the newspaper, but since I am a subscriber to this newspaper, I have access and now sharing with you. RR

    Gino Vannelli works for his new 2014 CD
    Manuel Tejeda

    Mexico City (July 24, 2013). - In his show at the Teatro Metropolitan, Gino Vannelli will perform songs with "The West Coast Band".

    After unleash poetry and new versions of their hits in his latest projects, Gino Vannelli is preparing new songs for a new album. "The last few albums I did was A Good Thing, made ​​in Holland and recorded with many artists, oriented to jazz and poetry. And I have The Best amd Beyond, an album of my successes with new arrangements," said the musician. "But now that I am working on new songs for a new project, which would be release in 2014. It gave me the opportunity to try many things that I haven’t done, and also experimenting with electronic instruments and softwares interesting". A day before their performance at the Teatro Metropolitan, with The West Coast Band, the Canadian said he was excited to return to Mexico.

    "20 years have gone since the last time I came to Mexico. I was nervous about whether people would still founding my proposal interesting, but now I'm sure they do. Besides, I'm excited that there are new generations listening," he said. Although would like to know more about the national culture, Vannelli said he had not had time to meet the representative sites, so expect to have some time to sightsee the counrty.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 8 Spanish: EL Universal.com Mexico

    Gino Vanelli reúne tres décadas en el escenario
    Jueves 25 de julio de 2013 Ariel León Luna | El Universal

    Jueves 25 de julio de 2013). - Tras más de 20 años de no presentarse en México, el reconocido músico canadiense Gino Vannelli regresa hoy al Distrito Federal para ofrecer un show que aseguró reunirá lo mejor de sus tres décadas sobre los escenarios y que buscará atraer a las nuevas generaciones que aún no lo conocen.

    “En el show tocaré 15 o 20 tema de mis anteriores discos y algunos de mi reciente álbum. Trataré de abarcar toda mi carrera”, dijo el cantante en conferencia de prensa. Añadió que para esta presentación —que será la segunda en México— contará con los mejores músicos que jamás ha tenido, entre los que se incluye su hermano, quien además es el productor de su álbum Stardust In The Sand (2009).

    “A mis fans les daré lo mejor que puedo, con la experiencia que he adquirido en estos 30 años de carrera”, añadió.

    Luego de largos años de recorrer el mundo con su mezcla de jazz y rock, Vanelli ve como un gran logro llegar de nueva cuenta a este país, pues aseguró: “No he estado tan presente en México como me gustaría”. Aunque el músico es considerado uno de los grandes iconos del jazz, las nuevas generaciones apenas lo comienzan a escuchar, no obstante, Gino no se preocupa por ello ya que, señaló, su música tiene el poder de llegar a diversos públicos. “Siempre que escribo nuevos temas, busco inspiración en cosas y situaciones nuevas”, precisó. Añadió que su presentación de esta noche estará cargada de filosofía y poesía, pues son estas dos ramas las que siempre han regido su vida y su obra.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 8 English: EL Universal.com Mexico

    Gino Vannelli brings together three decades on stage
    Thursday the 25th of July 2013 Ariel León Luna | El Universal

    After 20 years of his last presentation in Mexico City, famous Canadian musician Gino Vannelli comes back to Mexico City for a concert. He said he’ll combine the best of three decades on stage and he’ll look for new generations that still don’t know him.

    “I’ll play 15 or 20 hits from my previous albums and some from my latest CD. I’ll try to include all my discography” said the artist in a press conference. He commented that in this, his second visit to Mexico City, he has the best musicians ever, including his brother, who’s the producer of his album “Stardust in the Sand” (2009) “I’ll give my fans all my best, with the experience I’ve earned through this 30 years of musical career”

    After many years touring all over the world with his jazz/rock music, Vannelli sees his return to Mexico as a great achievement, and he says he hasn’t been as close to his Mexican fans as he would like. Although he is considered as one of the greatest jazz icons, he’s not well known by new generations, but Gino says he’s not worried about that, because his music has the power to reach different kind of audiences

    . When I write new songs, I look for inspiration in new things and situations, he said“ He also said that tonight’s show will be full of philosophy and poetry, since this two branches have always been the guide in his life and work.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 9 Spanish: www.oem.com El Sol De México.

    Espectáculos - Gino Vannelli, en México
    Organización Editorial Mexicana - 25 de julio de 2013 - Ricardo Hernández / El Sol de México

    Gino Vannelli in El Sol De Mexico Ciudad de México. - El cantautor canadiense Gino Vannelli se presenta hoy por segunda ocasión en la capital mexicana (vino por primera vez en 1991), teniendo como escenario el Teatro Metropólitan, donde al mismo tiempo celebrará sus 40 años de trayectoria musical, de los cuales, asegura, ha dedicado muchos al tema del amor, ya que a la fecha sigue casado con la misma mujer desde hace 38 años.

    Entrevistado por EL SOL DE MÉXICO en lujoso hotel de Avenida Juárez, de la Ciudad de México, el intérprete de temas como: Wild Horses, Hurts to be in Love y I Just Wanna be Stop, entre otros, que serán ejecutados hoy por la noche, aseguró que pese a todas las problemáticas existentes en nuestras sociedades modernas siempre va a existir el amor en el mundo.

    "El amor seguirá siendo una fuente de inspiración en mi obra musical. Por tal motivo, sí creo en un amor para toda la vida, como sucede con mi esposa que vivimos lo mismo y pensamos similar, pero al mismo tiempo somos diferentes, lo que nos ha mantenido unidos.

    "Siempre he sido el caballo loco que ha andado de un lado para otro y ella es la que me aterriza. Una de las cosas por las que seguimos juntos es porque ella sigue estando buenísima", declaró divertido el músico de 61 años de edad que dice haber vivido en Holanda durante unos años alejado de su familia por lo que sí tuvieron algunos problemas maritales, pero finalmente los superaron.

    Vannelli explicó que la primera vez que vino a México para actuar en un hotel ubicado a un costado de la glorieta de Colón, así como en el Teatro Ángela Peralta y posteriormente en el Centro de Convenciones de Acapulco, su hijo tenía aproximadamente cinco años, alejándose de él de forma continua.

    "Ahora estoy muy contento y me preocupa tener una buena relación con mi familia. Me gusta ver crecer a mi hijo y estar con él, ya que regularmente viajo mucho. Es una elección difícil la de dedicarle más tiempo al aspecto artístico o al hogar. Él sabe que es una elección muy difícil pero la entiende. Somos grandes amigos y nos vemos dos o tres veces por semana.

    "En cuanto a mi trabajo se refiere creo que cada hombre debe hacer siempre lo mejor por su vida. La gente no podrá ser buena a menos que comparta sus logros con otras personas, como trato de hacerlo con mi música, pensando más en mi creatividad que en el dinero, aunque lo económico me ha permitido poder seguir adelante para seguir componiendo", afirmó el veterano intérprete que se mostró muy accesible y bromista, para luego dirigirse al Teatro Metropólitan y conocer el escenario donde actuará hoy pensando interpretar sus temas clásicos, con arreglos modernos, así como sus más recientes creaciones incluidas en el disco A Good Thing (del 2009) que contiene 23 poemas musicalizados.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 9 English: www.oem.com El Sol De México.

    Shows - Gino Vannelli, in México
    Organization Editorial Mexicana - 25 July 2013 - Ricardo Hernández / El Sol de México

    México City. - Singer/composer Gino Vannelli will give a concert for the second time in Mexico City (His first performance in our country was on 1991). This time at the Metropolitan Theatre, celebrating 40 years of musical career. He says many of his songs are dedicated to love. He’s been married to his wife for 38 years.

    EL SOL DE MÉXICO made this interview in a fancy hotel in Mexico City, he said he’ll perform hits like Wild Horses, Hurts to be in Love and I just Wanna Stop, among others. He said we can be surrounded by problems and difficulties in these modern societies, but there will always be love in this world

    “My music will always be inspired by love. That’s why I believe in a love for a whole life, as my wife and me, we live many things together, we have similar ways of thinking, but at the same time we’re different, that’s the secret that has kept us together”. “I’ve always been like a wild horse, running from one place to another, and she’s the one who brings me back to reality. One of the reasons why we’re still together is because she’s still hot”, said in an amused tone the 61 years old musician, who lived in Holland for a while, far from his family. This situation caused some problems in his marriage, but they finally overpassed them.

    Vannelli explained that the first time he came to Mexico City for concerts at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the Angela Peralta Theatre and Convention Center in Acapulco, his son was 5 years old, and he was continuosly touring, far away from his family. “ Now I feel very happy and I’m concerned about my family relationship. I like to see how my son’s growing and I like to be with him, I’m constantly touring. It’s difficult to reach a balance between my career and my family . My son knows it’ difficult, but he understands. We’re great friends and see each other two or three times a week”

    I believe every human being has to do the best in his/her life. People is nice as much as they share their achievements with others, as I try to do with my music, beeing more faithful to my creativity than Money, although Money has let me keep composing” he was in a joking mood and he’s so accessible. He went to the Metropolitan Theatre where the show will take place. He’ll play his greatest hits in new arrangements, and his latest compositions included in the album “A Good Thing (2009). This production includes 23 poems.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 10 Spanish: La Razon México.

    Vannelli regresa al DF tras 22 años
    25 de julio de 2013 01:14 - Por: Rocio Macías / rocio.macias@razon.mx

    Gino Vannelli in La Razon Mexico El canadiense quiere recorrer la ciudad como turista; festeja cuatro décadas de carrera ininterrumpida; su hermano dirige el show

    Hace 22 años Gino Vannelli se presentó por primera vez en la ciudad de México. Era la época de las famosas cena-show, en un conocido hotel del Paseo de la Reforma. En ese entonces lo trajo el promotor Mario Olmos y Gino venía acompañado de Sid Bernstein, promotor que trabajó con Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra y Rolling Stones, y que cambió la historia de la música al llevar a The Beatles a Estados Unidos. Buscaba con quién trabajar en México.

    Para Gino Vannelli esa primera presentación fue “una de las experiencias más interesantes que he tenido como artista. Ha pasado mucho tiempo. Ahora estoy muy nervioso por la presentación de esta noche. Sé que las cosas cambian y que además vendrá público nuevo, chicos que me verán por primera vez. Me da ansiedad”.

    En esta segunda visita a nuestro país, el músico no ha tenido tiempo de hacer turismo. “He recorrido el mundo entero, pero cuando voy de trabajo es a eso. Llegan los músicos después que yo y hacemos una junta inmediatamente. Sin embargo, en esta ocasión me gustaría conocer un poco. Sé algo de su historia por lo que he leído, pero nada más”.

    Sobre la cultura latinoamericana y la influencia de ésta en su trabajo creativo, el cantante explicó: “mis abuelos nacieron en Italia. Cuando era niño escuchaba música latina, porque mí papá la amaba. Por ejemplo, Tito Puente. Para mi era muy complicado entender cómo lograba tocar los timbales de esa manera.

    Acompañado por 8 músicos, la West Coast Band, y su hermano Ross en la producción, con quien tocó en sus inicios, Vannelli ofrecerá esta noche todo un banquete musical. En un recorrido por los temas más representativos de su carrera, “que son los que el público quiere”.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 10 English: La Razon México.

    Vannelli back in Mexico City after 22 years
    25th of July 2013 01:14 - Por: Rocio Macías / rocio.macias@razon.mx

    Canadian musician wants to tour in the city; he’s celebrating 4 decades of uninterrupted musical career. His brother is directing the show.

    Gino Vannelli’s first presentation in Mexico City was 22 years ago. By that time it was usual to go to a “dinner-show”, it took place in a known Hotel located at an important avenue in this city. The Mexican promoter who brought Gino was Mario Olmos and the artist’s promoter was Sid Bernstein, who had previously worked with Elvis Presley, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones. Bernstein changed music history after taking The Beatles to America. He was also looking for someone in Mexico to work with.

    Vannelli says about his first show in Mexico “It was one of the most interesting experiences as an artist. It’s been a long time. I’m very nervous for tonight’s show. I know things have changed and there’s going to be people who come to see me for the first time. I get a little anxious”. In this second visit to our country, he hasn’t had time to touring the city. “ I’ve travelled the world, but when I go to work, that’s all I do. The band arrives after me and we immediately have a meeting. However I’d like to visit a bit. I know something of Mexico’s history for what I’ve read, but that’s all”.

    About latin american culture and the influence of this in his creative work, the singer explained: “My grandparents were born in Italy. When I was a kid I listened to latin music, because my Dad liked it very much. For example, Tito Puente. For me it was complicated to understand how he coud get to play timpani in the way he did.

    His West Coast Band is integrated by 8 musicians, his brother Ross in the production, Vannelli will delight us with a musical feast, in a journey through his greatest hits, “that’s what fans want”.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 11 Spanish: LaJordana Espectáculos México.

    “Mis discos y conciertos los hago con la emoción de un veinteañero”
    Periódico La Jornada Miércoles 24 de julio de 2013, p. 8 - Juan José Olivares

    Usted está aquí:Inicio/Espectáculos/“Mis discos y conciertos los hago con la emoción de un veinteañero”/Siguiente► Gino Vannelli se presentará mañana con su banda en el teatro Metropólitan

    Transmitir de la mejor manera mis mensajes, actuar en el escenario con mucho rigor y crear las mejores producciones para la gente, fórmula para mantenerse en el gusto de sus fans, afirma

    Posee una seductora voz, que, en su opinión, es la vía transmisora de los mensajes contenidos en sus canciones, que parecen tener la esencia de la dopamina. Dice que leer poesía y filosofía ha sido fundamental en su proceso creativo. Desde los años 70, le ha cantado al amor. Algunos de sus temas, muchos éxitos en las listas de la música comercial, han sido una especie de banda sonora de la vida de muchas personas. Ahora, su presencia destaca más en festivales de jazz que en las pizarras de clasificación del mainstream.

    Es Gino Vannelli, crooner contemporáneo, quien, junto con su banda, se presentará este jueves en el teatro Metropólitan. En la ciudad de México estuvo hace unas dos décadas, aunque actuó en 2009 en el Festival de Rivera Maya. En entrevista con La Jornada expuso su fórmula para mantenerse en el gusto de sus seguidores por casi cuatro décadas: “Transmitir de la mejor manera mis mensajes, actuar en el escenario con mucho rigor y crear las mejores producciones para la gente”.

    A través de un auricular, Vannelli agregó: “En todos mis discos y conciertos expreso dedicación, energía y concentración como la de alguien de 20 años. Sigo sintiendo la misma emoción; me sigo poniendo nervioso”. Las percusiones, en sus inicios

    Russ Vannelli, miembro de la banda de Maynard Ferguson y padre de Gino, fue la principal influencia para el músico, oriundo de Montreal, que se inició tocando las percusiones, pero que al descubrir su aterciopelada voz, sucumbió a la catarsis del canto. Los hermanos de Gino, Joe y Ross, también son músicos. Juntos, se fueron a Los Ángeles a buscar suerte. Se dice que en una ocasión, Gino se plantó fuera de los estudios de A y M Records para buscar al trompetista y compositor Herp Alpert, quien ya gozaba de reconocimiento. Éste invitó al canadiense a una audición en la que quedó impactado por su voz. Vanelli firmó en 1973 con ese sello su álbum debut Crazy Life. Fue el principio de una carrera que ahora expone tonalidades dentro de varios estilos, entre ellos el jazz. “Toco en festivales de ese género, pero todo auditorio es importante para mí”, afirma. Vannelli se cimentó en la industria con el disco Powerful People (producido por su hermano Joe). Hiló su producción con placas que lo erigieron como un cantante profundo con aura de sex appeal. Se cuentan Storm at Sunup, The Gist of the Gemini y A Pauper in Paradise.

    En 1979 editó Brother to Brother, del cual se desprendió el sencillo I Just Wanna Stop (postulada al Grammy como mejor canción), que, junto con It Hurts to Be in Love, es un himno con el que homenajea al amor, “parte de un deseo, una rendición. Es atracción, comunicación, confianza plena. Son ecos en la cabeza y en el interior. Es dedicación y lealtad. Es algo sencillo pero incomprensible”, aseguró Vannelli en la charla.

    En los años 80, saltó a la popularidad internacional con el disco Black Cars, que pintó su nombre en los charts. Venía precedido por Nightwalker. Publicó después Big Dreamers Nevers Sleep. En los años 90 salieron a la luz Inconsolable Man, Live in Montreal, Yonder Tree y Slow Love.

    Vannelli afirmó que la música ha cambiado a partir del uso de la tecnología. “De alguna manera ha mejorado, porque el sonido se puede pulir para las producción de discos. Pero, por otra parte, creo que ha mermado la creatividad de los artistas, que se limitan en el aspecto de desarrollar sentimientos”. Abundó: “Ahora vas a un estudio y con base en los avances de los programas para producir y editar puedes alcanzar sonidos increíbles, así como componer. Con un software puedes crear tú mismo el sonido de un bajo, de un piano, de una batería, y así te queda tiempo para leer, redescubrir tus secretos. Aunque, por otro lado, está el camino de la vieja escuela: puedes invitar a tu pianista una mañana y probar juntos nuevas texturas sonoras, sentir nuevos ritmos. Aunque no me cierro a la tecnología, sigo trabajando de la forma clásica”. La filosofía y la poesía, fundamentales

    A Vannelli le encanta aprender, por eso insiste en que leer filosofía y poesía “son fundamentales” en su proceso creativo. “Todo proviene de una idea que se ha enriquecido de todos esos temas”. En 2003 editó Canto, disco en el que canta también en francés, italiano y español. Le siguieron These Are The Days, A Good Thing, Stardust in the Sand y The Best and Beyond. Ahora prepara una nuevo disco. Considera que la música puede ser el mejor alimento para la pobreza etérea que hay en el mundo. Además, “es una forma de comunicación con la que puedes decir a la gente cómo elevar su espíritu. La primera labor es hacer que sienta y luego, que desarrolle momentos de amor”.

    A Vannelli se le asociaba, sobre todo en los años 80, con la música pop, en la que hoy día “hay de todo: buena y mediocre. Pero existen excelentes cantantes y agrupaciones, que de esa forma muestran su libertad, como los que surgieron desde la década de 1980. Eran más instintivos”. Se calificó: “No estoy tan seguro de ser totalmente un crooner, que asocio con esos cantantes románticos de la vieja escuela. Soy sólo un cantautor.” Gino Vannelli tocará mañana en el Metropólitan a las 21 horas. Boletos al 5325-9000.

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 11 English: LaJordana Espectáculos México.

    “Gino Vannelli and his band at The Teatro Metropolitan, tomorrow.”
    Periódico La Jornada Miércoles Wednesday 24th of July 2013, page 8 - Juan José Olivares

    “I produce my music and concerts with the emotion of a 20 years old guy”.

    Gino says that to keep his fans following him, he needs to send his message through his music in the best way he can, giving himself on stage and making the best music.
    Gino has a seductive voice.
    He thinks his voice is the instrument to send his songs’ messages that seem to have the same effect than dopamine. Reading poetry and philosophy has been fundamental in his creative process. Since the 70’s he has sung to love. Some of his greatest hits have been many people’s kind of life’s soundtrack. He has recently participated in jazz festivals too. Gino Vannelli, a contemporary crooner, will perform with his band, tomorrow at the Teatro Metropolitan. He was in Mexico City 20 years ago, and he participated in 2009 at the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

    He’s been working for 4 decades. In a telephone interview he pointed that he still feels the same emotion and he still gets nervous before a concert. He began with the percussions.

    Russ Vannelli, Gino’s father, was part of Maynard Ferguson’s band. He was a huge influence in his son, he was born in Montreal and everything began with the percussions. But when he found out what a voice he had, he decided to sing. Brothers Joe & Ross, are also musicians. They flew to Los Angeles after their dream to becoming famous.

    Back in time, Gino waited for hours at A & M gates, to see Herb Alpert (The “A” at A & M Records). After the audition, Alpert was shocked with Gino’s voice, so, he shook Gino’s hand congratulating and welcoming him to the A&M family. Vannelli recorded Crazy Life, The first of seven on A&M Records. It was the beginning of his artistic career. In his compositions he includes different styles, like jazz. He says he plays in Jazz Festivals too, and every audience is very important for him. Vannelli was rooted in the music industry with his record “Powerful People” (produced by his brother Joe). He was shaped as much as a sex symbol as a deep singer. Other productions were Storm at Sunup, The Gist of the Gemini and A Pauper in Paradise. In 1979 the album Brother to Brother was released, it included I Just Wanna Stop (nominated for a Grammy as best song), this, as It Hurts to Be in Love is a tribute to love, a desire, a rendition. It’s attraction, communication, full confidence. “These are echoes in my head and inside of me. It’s dedication and loyalty. It’s simple but incomprehensible”, said Vannelli. In the 80’s with his record Black Cars he became internationally recognized. He jumped to popularity, Nightwalker, Big Dreamers Never Sleep came after that. In the 90’s he released Inconsolable Man, Live in Montreal, Yonder Tree and Slow Love.

    Vannelli said music has changed with the use of technology. In some way it’s better, you can improve the sound in the recording process. In the other hand I think it has diminished some artist’s creativity. “Nowadays there are modern studios where you can produce unbelievable sounds, as well as compose. You can create with the adequate software, the sound of bass, piano, drums, and you still get time to read, redescover your secrets. Or you can do it the old fashion way: invite your pianist and experience together new sound textures, feel new rhythms. I’m opened to technology, but I still work in the traditional way. Philosophy and poetry, fundamental Vannelli loves learning, he insists that reading philosophy and poetry is fundamental in his creative process. Helping him to beautify his main ideas.

    In 2003 he released Canto, he sings in french, italian and spanish. The next CD was These Are The Days, followed by A Good Thing, Stardust in the Sand y The Best and Beyond. He’s preparing his next production. He considers music is the best food for ethereal poverty all over the world. Besides, it’s a way to communicate people how to raise their spirit. First intention of music is wake up people’s feelings and then develope moments of love. Vannelli was considered more related to pop music, specially in the 80’s, today there’s good and mediocre music. But there are excellent singers and groups, who show their freedom as in the 80’s,when musicians were more instinctive. He said: “I’m not quite sure I’m a crooner, that I associate with those old school romantic singers. I’m just a composer and a singer.
    Gino Vannelli’s show will be tomorrow at the Metropolitan at 9 PM.

    MEDIA: (after the concert)

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 12 Spanish: Blog Circulomixup.com México.

    Complace Gino Vannelli a su público mexicano en el Teatro Metropólitan
    Blog - 26 julio, 2013 - 0 Comments - Iván Díaz Nájera @elkiwi

    El cantautor canadiense Gino Vannelli deslumbró la Ciudad de México, con un mítico concierto en el Teatro Metropólitan, en donde nos mostró su madurez musical en el escenario.

    Tras 22 años de ausencia en México, Vannelli tuvo este jueves 25 de julio un reencuentro con su público mexicano, haciéndolo vibrar desde el primer acorde de la canción: “Storm / Fly into this Night”, llevado por tres trompetas y una sección de ritmos con toques muy sensuales, característicos de los fraseos e improvisación en el escenario de cada músico que acompañó en esta velada a Gino Vannelli.

    Al final el público se quedó con ganas de escuchar un poco más de Gino Vannelli, cosa que no siempre sucede. El cantante y compositor canadiense mostró su cariño y sencillez hacia el público mexicano firmando discos y pósters que podrían adquirir al inicio del concierto en el lobby del Teatro Metropólitan.


    1. Storm / Fly into this Night
    2. Judas
    3. Living Inside Myself
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Hurts To Be In Love
    6. Persona non Gratta
    7. Good Thing
    8. Black Cars
    9. Canto
    10. Appaloosa
    11. Stop
    12. Brother To Brother
    13. People Gotta Move

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 12 English: Blog Circulomixup.com México. "Círculo Mixup". It seems to be an online magazine.

    Gino Vannelli pleases his mexican fans at the Metropolitan Theatre
    Blog - 26 July, 2013 - 0 Comments - Iván Díaz Nájera @elkiwi

    Canadian Singer composer Gino Vannelli dazzled Mexico City, with a fantastic concert at the Metropolitan Theatre, showing his musical maturity on stage. After 22 years since his first visit to Mexico, Vannelli met again his mexican fans this Thursday July 25th, making them vibrate with excitement from the first chord of his song “Storm at Sunup/Fly into this Night”, accompanied by a brass section and sensual rhythms, wonderful arrangements and improvisation of Gino’s band musicians. At the end of the show, the audience was roaring for more, but it always happens. The artist is so warm and down to earth, he signed CD’s and posters that were sold before the show at the Metropolitan Theather’s lobby Songlist:

    1. Storm At sunup / Fly Into This Night
    2. A little bit of Judas
    3. Living Inside Myself
    4. Wild Horses
    5. Hurts To Be In Love
    6. Persona non Gratta
    7. A Good Thing
    8. Black Cars
    9. Canto
    10. Appaloosa
    11. I Just Wanna Stop
    12. Brother To Brother
    13. People Gotta Move
    Encore: Venus Envy

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 13 Spanish: El Universal México.

    Gino, igual que hace 22 años
    Julio 27, 2013 | 12:24 Por Ariel León - See more at: http://www.eluniversalqueretaro.mx

    Vida Q - El cantante se reencontró con el público mexicano

    Sólo le bastaron unos minutos — lo que hizo del backstage al escenario — para que el músico canadiense Gino Vanelli se ganara a su público mexicano en la primera presentación que tuvo en Teatro Metropolitan, tras 22 años de ausencia. Con este show, Vanelli demostró que, a pesar de tener más de 60 años, aún cuenta con la vitalidad que conquistó al mundo hace tres décadas, pues por más de 90 minutos hizo un recorrido musical por lo mejor de su larga discografía.

    Poco antes de las 21 horas, cientos de seguidores en su mayoría personas de más de cuatro décadas de vida, comenzaron a ocupar sus localidades esperando atentos y expectantes a su ídolo. Aunque no sólo ellos disfrutaron de la velada en la que se pudieron escuchar temas como “Storm”, “Fly into night” y “Judas”, pues también contados jóvenes acudieron al encuentro con Gino Vanelli, algunos se dijeron fans por influencia de sus padres.

    “Desde pequeñas hemos escuchado la música de Gino, nuestros padres son grandes fans, no pudieron venir por que viven en Sonora”, comentó una de las jóvenes asistentes que desde la tercera fila aplaudió cada tema ejecutado por el cantante. Durante el show, que contó con la participación de sus músicos de cabecera, Vanelli, enfundado en pantalón y chamarra de mezclilla elevó el ánimo de público al entonar éxitos como “Living inside myself”, “Wild horses” y “Good thing”. Fue tanto el clamor de su público, que una vez terminado el recital, y ante los aplausos de los presentes, Gino Vanelli, salió de nueva cuenta para improvisar junto al público con la canción “Venus”, tema, que aunque no era parte del repertorio, logró complacer a la extasiada audiencia que lo despidió con emoción. -

    New Gino Vannelli newsMedia 13 English: El Universal México.

    July the 27th, 2013 | 12:24 By Ariel León - See more at: http://www.eluniversalqueretaro.mx

    Gino Vannelli in Mexico city 2013 It Took to Gino Vannelli just a few moments (as he walked to the stage) to captivate mexican audience in his first show at the Metropolitan Theatre, after 22 years since his first visit.

    Vannelli showed his powerful energy in his sixties, the same characteristic vitality of his shows in the 70’s, for more than 90 minutes he made a musical journey through the best of his released albums. Some minutes before 9 PM, hundreds of fans, mostly people over 40 years old, arrived, excited to see their idol. They could enjoy of hits like “Storm at Sunup”, “Fly into this night” and “A little bit of Judas”. There was young people too, they said they liked Gino’s music because of their parents’ influence.

    “We have listened to Gino’s music since we were little kids, our parents are great fans, they couldn’t come because they live in another state, Sonora” said one of the young concert goers, who from third road, were enjoying of every song.

    Vannelli performed with a group of very good musicians. He was wearing denim pants and jacket, and he lifted the audience’s spirit singing hits as “Living inside myself”, “Wild horses” & “A Good thing”.

    The audience applauses made Gino come out again after the last song and he performed “Venus Envy”, fans were cheering him so enthusiastically. Gino dazzled his fans, who were so pleased and excited.

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    Gino Vannelli and Mijares
    Gino Vannelli talking with Mijares a famous Mexican singer. Remember the duet "La Noche Triste..."
    See the web page about this GINO VANNELLI & Mijares duet.

    Gino Vannelli at the signing session in Mexico City 25 July 2013

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